Face Files: Lash lift, worth it?


Does this remind you of the scene in Brazil (1985), where an old woman is getting the latest in beauty treatments? Don’t know what I mean…click here. To think that the film was predicting what the 21st century would look like, haha. And yet, here. we. are. Look at me! All taped up and laying there practically motionless for an hour and a half. For what? To experience fuss-free eyelashes. The eyelash tech, at the Downtown Merle Norman, in Lethbridge, swore that I wouldn’t even need to wear mascara once the procedure was complete. I was skeptical. I love mascara AND…I actually really need it since my eyelashes may be long but they are pretty thin.

The Procedure:

You go through a couple steps to get your lashes lifted…a.k.a…permed. You firstly need to arrive with a clean face. Hence why you can see EVERY SINGLE PORE on my face in the photo above (#realLife there was not a lick of makeup on). The technician still makes sure there is nothing on there and does a once over on your eyes with makeup remover. She then asks you to lay down and proceeds to tape you up with what you see there. There was actually a little more tape on but she removed it so the picture wouldn’t look so drastic.

She then applies the solution that perms your lashes. She went with a medium curl which gave a natural look to the lashes. The procedure was painless and lasted 45 minutes. All I did was lay there, almost fell asleep.

After the solution was removed she then added conditioning agent that also tinted the eyelashes a little darker. That procedure was also painless and lasted 15 minutes. In total, you’re laying down with your eyes taped shut for about an hour and a half.

The Outcome:

I got the procedure at introductory rate of $75 and upkeep will cost about $50. I got the procedure in mid-July, it is now September and my eye lashes are still lifted! Here is a picture of me with my makeup done and not having used my eyelash curler juuuuust yet! I still do use my eyelash curler because I like a tighter looking curl. I do believe that if we would’ve used the smaller curl to perm them, then the eyelash curler would’ve collected dust all summer long. So, check out my Instagram @Criavolver to see what the smaller curl looks like since I am hoping to get in by end of week before I set-off to Berlin!


Let me know if you’ve ever had a lash perm!


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The Face Files: Daily Toners

My daily routine may sound extra for some women. Yes, I double cleanse at night time. Yes, I use two toners twice a day. Yes, I have an eye cream. Yes, I use serums. But I cannot stress how much I love my skin compared to what it was a couple of years ago. It isn’t the perfect canvas but it is the best it has ever been and I am over the age of 30! Who says they have great skin past the age of 30? This girl!

I will say that healthy skin isn’t completely dependent on skincare. It also is dependent on the nutrients you are putting into your skin. I don’t smoke cigarettes. I try to keep the drinking at a minimum (try). Water is a staple throughout my day. Health and beauty are correlated in so many ways. I will ALWAYS say this in every post: the more you take care of yourself, the better you will look. While this is true, you can eat your way to better skin there are things on the market that can boost vibrancy, help with hydration and decrease your wrinkles. It’s all about finding the right products. And there is one product that always goes unnoticed: the toners.

Most people never even consider adding a toner into their skin care routine. They don’t understand why we would be rubbing something that seems like water over our skin before putting on our serums and moisturizer. Well, if you have the wrong toner, it’s a waste of money and time. But if you have a specific toner that works best with your skin it can make all the difference in the world. As I’ve stated: I use two toners. Each toner has a specific purpose. My first toner is an acid based toner. The second is a hydrating based toner. Each have their different uses. Let’s start with the acid based toner.

The toners:



Okay so when someone mentions to you that you should be using an acid, most people automatically think about skin peeling off your dead cadaver in the bathtub. Right? Haha, wrong! Acid is not just something that only misdirected men like Heisenberg use, it’s also for the day-to-day woman and man. Acid toners can be used to bring your skin’s ph balance up to snuff. This can help your serums sink into the skin better and get the best performance for you moisturizers. On top of that (my most favourite reason to use acid toners) it provides a chemical exfoliation. It allows for the dead skin cells to be removed off your face! Which helps with buildup which helps control your breakouts. Most importantly, it brightens up your skin. I swear to you, when I don’t use my acid toner, my skin turns a nice shade of grey.


Most toners can be put into this category. If glycerin is listed as one of the top ingredients on the ingredients list then you can use it after your acid toner. I like using this sort of toner because it sandwiches hydration between the serum. You get a hydration kick before your serum and you add hydration back in with your moisturizer. I also find that it helps with calming the skin a little. I personally like to spritz this form of toner on my skin so that it really sinks into the skin. If you really don’t see the point in doing this, then you can skip it. I personally just love the ritual of spritzing my face with a toner that makes my skin feel softer. It COULD be in my head but it could also not be in my head. I don’t want to risk or even think about removing this step in my ritual.

Now I use Pixi Glow Tonic and Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist. You can try these out but I warn you with the acid: start out slow. Start out using it once a week and slow increase it’s uses. If this doesn’t work seek out other acid based toners. Get samples! Just keep trying until you find the formula that works for you. I know of at least 10 different acid toners on the market that people can use. So don’t give up. In regards to a moisturizing toner, I also give the same advice. Find one that works. I would start out with the Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist: it’s gentle. Very gentle.

Until next time!





Still Alive

Still Alive


I reflection of the past three years:

I’ve had a child in the middle of a time where we’ve forgotten that science once predicted an ice age but has now turned into predicting a closer hell. Regardless, a child was born. Post-apocolypse times have always been close to mind. Nothing really new there. But accepting that a child always adds a strain: to a mother’s life, to our resources and of course the economy is one thought often denied. I’ve seen a good $500 a month just for giving birth. Something we should let the pro-lifer’s campaign, abortion money for birth money.

I’ve seen a Canadian landscape deny racism, both in its political sphere and in its homes. I’ve seen political marketing campaigns both abroad and across my home openly question the safety of people of colour. No longer ashamed of being ignorant to false claims that the lighter your skin, the cleaner.

I’ve learned that magic both comes not only in forms of witches but in the pockets of imagination of young children. And it can blossom with a spec of dust. Just like dust I’ve seen it thrown away along with it the illusion that only a God can save a person. I’ve felt a human grow inside me and with it be born already burning up from northern lights.


I’ve felt the weight of death on my grandmother’s breathless body. Her body wasn’t expecting my usual force and she was almost flung into the warm spring floor. At the moment I noticed how much weight had lifted from our house. With it replaced a sorrow only my mother could truly feel.

I’ve had the closest thing to true love come into my life and leave me.


The touch of many hands have felt my skin since then. And none of them close to fulfilling any true need someone like me craves but never truly needs. The only things left behind have been guilt, shame and I sense of loss of power. Nothing has changed and I was still able to demonize natural impulses.


Sometimes I think that women who have felt this loss have turned away from our natural self-deprecation and become masters of their own bodies. But then,


I’ve realized that along the way of becoming our own masters we’ve learned to properly mask ourselves. To survive our own streets. Our beauty gurus are the technicians of our street smarts just like Di Camillo perfected his in his cell, they/we have perfected how to play others, one degree of taupe at a time. No matter. Our masks will always fall short.


3 years have gone by and I still feel like I am fighting to be seen as human. The hope remains in the life that will continue my fight.


Tinder Update: the fuck and chuck

We live in a society where we sometimes take a bite of our food, decide we hate it, eat a little more out of guilt but then with no remorse or second-thought chuck the whole plate away into the TRASH. This, my friends is the equivalent of a fuck and chuck. Others would call it a one night stand but I would differentiate it; a one-night stand usually happens out of the blue. There is no guilt bites, the first bite happens and then boom, you’re in the trash either minutes or hours after the bam-bam. A fuck and chuck on the other hand lingers a little more just not afterwards but beforehand.

The fuck and chuck is usually a mixture of a one night stand and resembles the first steps people take in forming relationships, the difference is there is never an intention of forming that relationship. You have light conversation for a time period that you’re comfortable with (could be days or hours); for myself I take days in order to establish if I want to meet a person. Unlike the one-night stand, with a fuck and chuck, you have a bit of an understanding of who you’re about to chuck after the fuck.

My first date on tinder was with a viking. Almost 7 ft tall, red head and a beard from a metal band. He was very cute and had all the necessary components of a fuck and chuck: cute, slightly charming, didn’t overly message me and the most important aspect of all, from out of town.

I didn’t intend for my first tinder date to be a fuck and chuck but like mentioned in my previous post: the sex-bomb had awakened something inside me that had laid dormant since my last relationship. So on the drive to the restaurant near his (in his hotel) I decided I was going to bang the viking if the opportunity arose.

And so, we met, chatted for an hour and then he asked me if I wanted to go up to his hotel room to make-out. I accepted and we did the deed. And to be honest, it wasn’t anything exciting. Fuck and chucks usually never are. But they are sometimes necessary. Although fireworks never happened, they satisfy a basic need and sometimes that’s enough. I left and carried on with my evening.

That was the first tinder date. Pretty stereotypical, don’t you think? On to the next swipe: the country boy.

Tinder Update: The Start.

Have you ever been in a place in your life that you forgot what it felt like to be told you’re sexy? I was in that place when I started talking to someone a couple provinces away. He told me I was sexy and very much desirable. It was through that communication that I was reminded on what it felt like to have attention from my desired sex. I knew the communication would eventually fizzle out (as it has)…even though the desire stemmed from years of denial…it died, held a dream funeral for it last night; but I wasn’t ready to let go of the attention. So, while still in communication with the sex bomb, I opened up a tinder account.

At first, I NEVER swiped right since I got IMMENSE satisfaction from swiping left. I was swiping left on hot motherfuckers who had super liked me (what the fuck is super life? I’ll explain later). Plus, at this time the sex bomb had my full attention. But as all good things come to an end, the sex bomb stopped communicating and I started swiping right. I honestly didn’t think I would match with guys who I would normally think had too straight teeth, you know the type, the athlete who had braces as a kid so he now has that abnormally perfect smile. Anyways, I’ve later found out many things about what happens on tinder. If you’re not on it because you’re happily married or in a monogamous committed relationship (slow hand clap) well let me give you a couple heads up…cause I am jaded enough to think that in time…you’ll open an account too (I am half kidding):

  1. Most people use Tinder as the shitter app. Most men will think they are the only one’s that do this but I can’t be the only woman who has used it while taking a dump.
  2. Guys who are lazy will like EVERY girl so the fact that you matched with that athlete with way too perfect teeth does not make one special. If they message you first it means they actually put thought into who they swiped on. 😦
  3. The guy with the topless shirt is never worth it (as it was pointed out to be by a very wise woman). It’s true, they are never worth it. I will expand much later.
  4. Your first tinder date is ALWAYS a fuck and chuck and most likely most of your tinder dates will be.
  5. An unsolicited dick pic happens but will only happen once since after the first one, you will know the signs. I’ll also expand on that later.
  6. Social media dating becomes an ice cream parlour. You start tasting flavours you would have never thought you would; eventually, if you know yourself well enough, you fall back on the original favourites. But it takes time because you start wanting to TRY THEM ALL.

Special Sex Bomb note: I will always cherish the first days of communicating with the sex bomb. He is truly a special human-animal. And the dream funeral actually left me sad that I probably will never get a scoop of that salty coconut ice cream flavour. Mmmmmmm. Awe.