Face Files: X-Mas Buying Guide

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Bite Beauty: Agave Kisses Set @ Sephora $24.00 CDN

I know it’s only October but I am pretty much done my Christmas shopping (for my kiddo) which got me to thinking about early starts. Maybe some of you out there in internet-la-la-land would be interested in some ideas to maybe put on your list or grab for that hard to please friends. I also just bought a couple of Christmas gift sets (for myself…yes I am selfish) that I am just oh-so-in-love with! So I will be gabbing about them.  First up, this amazing Bite Beauty gift set.

The Brand.

Bite Beauty is a Canadian Cosmetic Company with a factory located in Toronto, Ont. The cosmetic company prides itself in providing organic, so natural you can eat it, lip products. I’ve used a couple of their lipsticks and I’ve always been very pleased with them but haven’t jumped the gun into buying a full size one (I mostly have samples of their lipsticks). I don’t know why I haven’t jumped the gun yet, perhaps because the are still going strong? So I haven’t had the need just yet to refill my lovely little babies.

True to my habit, I recently bought this little travel set. It’s fall and the weather is getting colder which means my lips are getting drying with each chilly breath taken in and out. So I went ahead and purchased this cute little gift/travel set. It is within the Agave rage and it comes with a lip balm, a scrub and a lip mask.


Seriously love the tin can it comes in. Love that I can just place it in my bathroom vanity and use it as I see fit. All the items will be where I need them to be and I am finding that I am using these products as part of my morning and bedtime routine only. What can I say? I like to pamper myself.

Let’s take a look at the scrub, shall we? I have a couple of lip scrubs that I use on a weekly basis and I usually still have gross, chapped, flaky lips (it’s my personal beauty battle…ugh) so I wasn’t optimistic when I opened this sucker up. To my surprise when I undid the lid, half of the product was hanging out on the lid. SO I proceeded with caution. There isn’t A LOT of product in the container so I only grabbed a smidgen and proceeded to scrub-a-dub-dub on the old lippies. A little went a long way which made me very happy! Now, this formula is much different than most lip scrubs I’ve used. Most lip scrubs are usually more sugar than they are “oil” or they are more “oil” than they are sugar. This one on the other hand has the ratio down to perfection.

At first, I was 100% sure this product was made with honey but it 100% is not!  It’s made of sugar, sunflower seed oil, chemicals (haha), vanilla extract, agave tequilana nectar extract, trans-resveratrol*, caramel, grape skin extract and more chemicals. The list of ingredients says the chemicals are either organic or natural…more research would be needed to verify those claims. As I stated, the formula is the perfect consistency, not too oily and not too grainy. It actually helped remove my lip flakes while at the same time moisturizing the heck out of them! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this lip scrub. It’s already in my Sephora basket to purchase a full size one next month. lipscrub.bitebeauty

After you use the lip scrub and depending if it’s morning or night you would follow this with the lip balm or the lip mask, or if you’re me…both…well at least on the first night I used this kit. In the morning, I usually would only use the lip balm and get on with the day…but since my lips are extra chapped I’ve been grabbing the lip mask but for the sake of normalcy, I will talk about the lip balm next.

The lip balm is good. I am extremely picky when it comes to lip balm. I hate 90% of them since I feel that most of them just give you the comfort of a moist lip product but actually dehydrate your lips more. I tend to stick to my holy grail lip balm: Roc Enydrial Repairing Lip care which is $9.00 versus the $20 the full size of this Bite Beauty baby will run you. I don’t think this one has replaced it quite yet. But it’s a pretty good lip balm. The price is a little high for a lip balm and I can easily get my hands on the Roc one plus it’s more than less than half the price of this one so…I’ll likely be just sticking to my beloved holy grail. Plus, the balm may have broken in half when I applied it. It’s a very soft formula and I should’ve known better. Tip: when applying it, DO NOT ROLL IT UP MORE THAN YOU HAVE TOO. I think the full size version of this is thicker so I don’t think those using the full size will have that issue.


Druuuuuuum roll please! For now we are discussing the most fabulous product of all! The Agave Everyday Lip Mask is honestly what I love the most out of this kit. I’ve been using it twice a day since I got it. It’s a nice thick balm that sticks to the lips. It is so replenishing and I think it’s the only thing that has helped with a giant allergic reaction I had a couple weeks ago (to another balm if you can believe it!). My lips were so chapped from the reaction and I had been using EVERYTHING. This finally calmed down the reaction and also nourished the lips. It also stays on nicely since it’s so thick. I prefer to use this at nighttime, especially after a day of wearing liquid lipsticks. Get this. Don’t sleep on this. Get this.