Face Files: Tom Ford Eyeliner




Alright, if you wear eyeliner who know the quest. You probably already have an eyeliner that you’re perfectly okay with and that’s 100% alright. Keep using it baby! Cause I am about to discuss a $68 eyeliner. Yes, $68…the TOM FORD Eye Defining Pen. And guuuuuuuuurl, it’s definitely eye defining. For $68 it better be! But I have mixed opinions so let’s dig into it.


If you are a beginner at liquid eyeliner than this EYE DEFINING PEN is for you! Yes, I know it’s super expensive but just save up for it, learn how to draw the perfect winged liner with it and then never be able to replicate it again with any other eyeliner pen again, haha. Let me tell you! This is the most user friendly eyeliner I’ve ever used.

The struggle most of us have with any liquid eyeliner is the way the ink is dispensed. You can literally be mid-eye when the thing decides to dry-out and cut-off so it starts to make the squiggly lines we want to avoid when trying to make a knife-sharp-winged eyeliner. So you have to put the cap back on and shake it to get the ink to soak the tip of the sponge and smooth out those edges! Not with this eyeliner.

Enter this $68 EYE DEFINING PEN. Okay, so the eyeliner in the photo above is QUITE exaggerated but guess what: it was on purpose. I wanted to see if I could do a crazy eyeliner look without needing to re-shake the pen to soak it with ink. BEHOLD: I did both eyes without needing to put the cap back on and shake the damn thing. *mic drop*


I think the way the way this pen is designed makes it worth the money. It’s heavy and when you apply it:┬áit goes on smoothly and freely.


The pen has two tips. One that is your standard size; which is the perfect size to create the illusion of a thicker lash line. It’s perfect.

Then there is this side:


The mini tip, perfect to get into the corners. Now I usually do not do the inner corners of my eyes and I have my reasons (keep reading) but I tried with this pen (you gotta). It allowed for easier application but I WILL SAY that since this pen is weighted and a little longer than most, it was a little bit awkward getting in there.

The Formula:

It’s extremely opaque. It is the blackest black eyeliner I’ve ever used. It does dry down in a good amount of time, not too quickly and doesn’t take forever. If you make a mistake, you have time to fix it before it’s too late. Once again, it glides onto the eye so it makes for easy application.

Now, the million dollar question: does the formula last all day long? And this is where my mixed emotions come. Yes and No. It depends on where the eyeliner is place. I have extremely oily skin so this is why I usually do not put any near the inner corners of my eyes, no matter the formula it never sticks. This one was no exception which is a little disappointing. Did I mention this eyeliner is $68?! I also wore it during extremely smokey conditions so near the end of the day it was running a little bit down my face BUT I was rubbing my eyes QUITE a bit.


I am unsure. I am sorry! I am going to continue to test it out. Now that the smoke has calmed down I will be re-testing it during “normal” weather conditions. Check-in on my Instagram @criavolver to see any further developed opinions on it!


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Face Files: Lash lift, worth it?


Does this remind you of the scene in Brazil (1985), where an old woman is getting the latest in beauty treatments? Don’t know what I mean…click here. To think that the film was predicting what the 21st century would look like, haha. And yet, here. we. are. Look at me! All taped up and laying there practically motionless for an hour and a half. For what? To experience fuss-free eyelashes. The eyelash tech, at the Downtown Merle Norman, in Lethbridge, swore that I wouldn’t even need to wear mascara once the procedure was complete. I was skeptical. I love mascara AND…I actually really need it since my eyelashes may be long but they are pretty thin.

The Procedure:

You go through a couple steps to get your lashes lifted…a.k.a…permed. You firstly need to arrive with a clean face. Hence why you can see EVERY SINGLE PORE on my face in the photo above (#realLife there was not a lick of makeup on). The technician still makes sure there is nothing on there and does a once over on your eyes with makeup remover. She then asks you to lay down and proceeds to tape you up with what you see there. There was actually a little more tape on but she removed it so the picture wouldn’t look so drastic.

She then applies the solution that perms your lashes. She went with a medium curl which gave a natural look to the lashes. The procedure was painless and lasted 45 minutes. All I did was lay there, almost fell asleep.

After the solution was removed she then added conditioning agent that also tinted the eyelashes a little darker. That procedure was also painless and lasted 15 minutes. In total, you’re laying down with your eyes taped shut for about an hour and a half.

The Outcome:

I got the procedure at introductory rate of $75 and upkeep will cost about $50. I got the procedure in mid-July, it is now September and my eye lashes are still lifted! Here is a picture of me with my makeup done and not having used my eyelash curler juuuuust yet! I still do use my eyelash curler because I like a tighter looking curl. I do believe that if we would’ve used the smaller curl to perm them, then the eyelash curler would’ve collected dust all summer long. So, check out my Instagram @Criavolver to see what the smaller curl looks like since I am hoping to get in by end of week before I set-off to Berlin!


Let me know if you’ve ever had a lash perm!


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