The Face Files: Daily Toners

My daily routine may sound extra for some women. Yes, I double cleanse at night time. Yes, I use two toners twice a day. Yes, I have an eye cream. Yes, I use serums. But I cannot stress how much I love my skin compared to what it was a couple of years ago. It isn’t the perfect canvas but it is the best it has ever been and I am over the age of 30! Who says they have great skin past the age of 30? This girl!

I will say that healthy skin isn’t completely dependent on skincare. It also is dependent on the nutrients you are putting into your skin. I don’t smoke cigarettes. I try to keep the drinking at a minimum (try). Water is a staple throughout my day. Health and beauty are correlated in so many ways. I will ALWAYS say this in every post: the more you take care of yourself, the better you will look. While this is true, you can eat your way to better skin there are things on the market that can boost vibrancy, help with hydration and decrease your wrinkles. It’s all about finding the right products. And there is one product that always goes unnoticed: the toners.

Most people never even consider adding a toner into their skin care routine. They don’t understand why we would be rubbing something that seems like water over our skin before putting on our serums and moisturizer. Well, if you have the wrong toner, it’s a waste of money and time. But if you have a specific toner that works best with your skin it can make all the difference in the world. As I’ve stated: I use two toners. Each toner has a specific purpose. My first toner is an acid based toner. The second is a hydrating based toner. Each have their different uses. Let’s start with the acid based toner.

The toners:



Okay so when someone mentions to you that you should be using an acid, most people automatically think about skin peeling off your dead cadaver in the bathtub. Right? Haha, wrong! Acid is not just something that only misdirected men like Heisenberg use, it’s also for the day-to-day woman and man. Acid toners can be used to bring your skin’s ph balance up to snuff. This can help your serums sink into the skin better and get the best performance for you moisturizers. On top of that (my most favourite reason to use acid toners) it provides a chemical exfoliation. It allows for the dead skin cells to be removed off your face! Which helps with buildup which helps control your breakouts. Most importantly, it brightens up your skin. I swear to you, when I don’t use my acid toner, my skin turns a nice shade of grey.


Most toners can be put into this category. If glycerin is listed as one of the top ingredients on the ingredients list then you can use it after your acid toner. I like using this sort of toner because it sandwiches hydration between the serum. You get a hydration kick before your serum and you add hydration back in with your moisturizer. I also find that it helps with calming the skin a little. I personally like to spritz this form of toner on my skin so that it really sinks into the skin. If you really don’t see the point in doing this, then you can skip it. I personally just love the ritual of spritzing my face with a toner that makes my skin feel softer. It COULD be in my head but it could also not be in my head. I don’t want to risk or even think about removing this step in my ritual.

Now I use Pixi Glow Tonic and Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist. You can try these out but I warn you with the acid: start out slow. Start out using it once a week and slow increase it’s uses. If this doesn’t work seek out other acid based toners. Get samples! Just keep trying until you find the formula that works for you. I know of at least 10 different acid toners on the market that people can use. So don’t give up. In regards to a moisturizing toner, I also give the same advice. Find one that works. I would start out with the Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist: it’s gentle. Very gentle.

Until next time!






Health Files: Reflexology Pedicures

Last week I think I had the most important treatment I will ever have in my life (and continue to have because I am H-O-O-K-E-D). I had a reflexology treatment that focused on the feet! The treatment can be aligned with a pedicure which I haven’t had…yet, so I cannot speak to this but I am sure it would be heavenly (watch out for an Instagram update when I get a pedicure with the reflexology treatment). Regardless of pedicure or not the treatment was magical.

Reflexology is an ancient treatment that has been a popular procedure in the Eastern Hemisphere of our world. It has been documented in ancient Egyptians papyrus since 2500 B.C. Many cultures have been practicing reflexology for thousands of years. The practice was developed into Zone Therapy in Europe in the 14th Century. A version of Zone Therapy has even been practiced by Indigenous people in North America. A lot of cultures entrenched in wisdom have been using this form of therapy to heal the human body. It’s an alternative therapy that can help with pain management, depression, relaxation and even Cancer therapy.

The most important thing when it comes to reflexology/zone therapy is to go in with an open mind. I am grateful that I went to Sheryl Trimble who is currently working at Chizzle’d Fringe Salon. Not only does she have a beautiful room to practice in. She is also a person that can make a person feel instantly comfortable. She can read your mannerism within minutes of knowing you. In my personal opinion she is the best sort of person you want performing reflexology on you. And issn’t her room just so welcoming and chic?


The Procedure: You sit on the lovely seat and place the pillow beneath your legs. She sits in front of your feet and begins by relaxing them. She works on one foot at a time. She works all over your foot; at the same time she works many parts of your body. The first time I came to see her she worked extensively on my shoulders…through my feet! And I am not lying when I say, I can feel the work performed on my shoulders. It was the neatest sensation. She also spent some time working on my knees. I have bad knees and thanks to bootcamp, they aren’t ever in a state of greatness.


And that’s just the physical level. I will say that Sheryl and I do have a connection. We both appreciate each other’s wisdom and are constantly learning from each other. I think this is crucial when having a reflexology treatment. You need to have a mutual connection with the person giving you this treatment. I believe Sheryl is the kind of person that can give a person a connection since she is very open to people. On my last treatment she worked on a new spot on my foot. It had both physical implications (it was where my new sandals were bothering my feet) and where the matters of the heart lay connected. Needless to say, I confessed I was about to go on a first day where I was a complete ball of nerves over (it happens when you think a person is a damn fox and a sweetheart rolled into one). The confession lead for her to work the area even more and after the treatment I felt more confident. I mean, it could’ve been the confession itself but I do believe that the spot she worked on my foot also helped me just shift focus. It was a combination of the two. And I’ll say the treatment is amazing for mental health. Whether it’s just having the confidence to talk or if it is also the active pressure points stimulating parts of your body that normally would have never been stimulated.

Watch out for Sheryl’s upcoming business page on Facebook, in the mean time you can contact her through Chizzle’d Finge Salon. Go and book an appointment now!