Health Files: GNO Progress Report

I’ve been struggling with writing the GNO blog now that I’ve settled into the meal plan routine. I’ve gotten bored with reporting back to everyone the meal plan. I am finding that if I am organized: I stay on plan. If I am at work: I stay on plan. If I am at home: I’ll snack here and there with kinda on plan snacks. Instead of recapping what I had to eat the last few days, I kinda want to talk about where my head is at but more importantly how I am doing emotionally.

We live in a society where we are bombarded with DIET CULTURE where we are mostly being told to control what we eat. Stop eating this, it’s bad! Don’t drink this shit, it’s bad! On top of that we are now at the peak of fitness culture. So naturally, I’ve gravitated towards wanting to eat healthier and loose my extra weight.

I’ve been a student for the last couple of years where I’ve had access to a gym. I’ve been using it for a year now but haven’t seen any improvements. This is where Fitbody Bootcamp comes in and basically saves the day. What I love, loooooove about this gym is the approach they take with nutrition. Food is 80% responsible for our weight loss journey. For me that’s been a hard pill to swallow. I love pizza. I love Chinese takeout. I love nachos. Thankfully it all hasn’t been taken away. Yes, currently they are a treat but these sorts of foods SHOULD be a treat. 

Friday’s Cheat Special Meal



When I first joined, I started doing nutrition consultations with one of the coaches. We talked about what I usually ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We talked about snacks too. For me, my trouble areas were lunch and snacks. I had a tendency of eating out for lunch and snacked on candy throughout the day. I’ll be honest, I didn’t quite stick to my goals. It wasn’t until I entered this challenge that somethings just clicked and I just committed to the journey.


I think finally committing to this journey is key. Motivation falters. But if you’re truly committed to this then you can overcome whatever fails you. I am not going to lie: the food has been really yummy. I’ve basically been eating smoothies for breakfast, protein with veggies for lunch and dinner and nuts and fruit for snacks. But the flavour profiles I am mixing and matching on a daily basis is what is keeping me on track. On top of that being realistic on how slow this process can be is also helping me. To be honest, I am not looking at this as a way to loose the most weight in a very short time period. I am using this challenge to break some habits and learn new ones.

With a clear mind, a stronger body and a happy state I want to go forward with my health journey. I feel like this is just the beginning and I am finding myself exploring new blogs, podcasts and books on topics like nutrition, diet culture and just finding new exciting recipes without the sugar and overly processed carbs. And I want to share that all on the blog. So enjoy the Health Files. 

I hope you’re all enjoying your Easter Weekend as well!


much love,




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