Face Files: #GNO, Day 8 & 9



I mostly stayed on plan. I had a film screening that I had to put on (Queen Scarlet Cinema) and there was Candy. For breakfast I got to taste these lovely beasts:


It’s weird. I like the BLT egg muffins but feel slightly intimidated by them. Maybe it’s the lips full of lipstick or perhaps I need to cut the veggies a little smaller next time. The leeks are what intimidated me mostly. Perhaps, I just prefer to drink my breakfast. I feel less weird about a smoothie.

Lunch was leftover chicken skewers or whatever those dry-wretched things were. I didn’t have left over tzatziki but I did cover them in Greek yogurt and hot sauce. I am not sure if I am suppose to do that but frankly, at this point, I don’t care. Mama needs to feel good while eating. I packed a double amount of what the chicken and broccoli & cauliflower mix and ended up eating it all after that day’s workout. It was madness Monday. As usually I was ravished.

Snack consisted of the nuts and an apple. I don’t do hardboiled eggs so I replaced the nuts for it. Again, I don’t know if that okay but it works for me.

After I scarfed down my meal I had a shot of this:


Holy shit. This vitamin shot is so fucking tasty. I will admit, I’ve been bad with taking my omega and multi-vitamins. It’s said that a combination of vitamin B will give you added energy. I am not sure if that’s true or not. And upon doing a little bit of research it seems that if you have a varied diet (lots of veggies and meat) the chances of being vitamin B deficient is extremely low. Okay, so I likely won’t be buying more of these little shots. Damn, but they are soooo tasty.  I usually take a daily dose of an: omega, probiotic and vitamin D and I swear the combination of those three have kept me healthy in this seriously concerning, what I feel has been extended, flu season. So perhaps I’ll just stick to my combo and call it a day.

After work I headed over to David’s Tea to pick up their donation of tea to the screening of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Have you ever seen that Elizabeth Taylor film? Oh. My. God. Everyone was in need of a stiff drink after that film. So intense. I ended up eating some candy and popcorn during the movie. And yes, I went out for one drink afterwards which was desperately needed. I also had a Pita for dinner since I had no time to run home and back. This is why preparation is key and maybe a little more willpower.


After the day I had the day before made me determined to stay on plan. I mostly did. I know, I know, bad Karla. The morning called for the Banana Nut smoothie. This time I put in a vanilla based protein. Vanilla based proteins are not my favourite. I must prefer the chocolate. It was a change but one I likely won’t do often. I also made my daughter a smoothie.

Lunch was more exciting. I finally got to taste the spaghetti sauce. I made slice some sweet potato in half and stuck them in the oven in the morning so they would be ready by lunchtime. I decided to cut them in half for better portion control. I’ve had a combination of this dish before. I think next time, I’ll add some grated beets on top for a more flavourful and colourful dish.


My past self would’ve doused this with cheese. So much cheese. But I found the creaminess of the sweet potato enough. Seriously, this dish was fantastic. You seriously have to try it.

I may have snacked on a handful of this mix of dark chocolate, nuts and dried fruit. And a few meatballs…

I had this meal again for dinner but also had some roasted chicken from Costco which I am using for Chinese Chicken Salad tomorrow.

After dinner I headed off to the University to do some writing. Along the way there I went into David’s tea to return to tea air pot and get a drink. I went for organic le digestive which is a lovely combination of apple, mint, fennel and ginger. Seriously it was the perfect combination for the night of writing I had to do.

IMG_9829 copy

When I came home, I was feeling pretty hungry….so I grabbed 10 frozen grapes and enjoyed them before going to bed.

So week two has been a little wobbly. And to top the cherry on the ice-cream, I may have to take a little rest from bootcamp since Tuesday’s session may have been a little hard on my knee and it was quite uncomfortable afterwards. I am hoping I can make it by for Thursday but if not, I’ll have to wait and see what Friday brings. Until tomorrow!





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