Face Files: #GNO; Day 5,6 and 7

I decided to take the weekend and Monday off blogging. It kinda threw me off a little bit. Not taking the time at the end of each day to just write down my thoughts and to report whether or not I stayed on track did not keep me accountable. But the weekend was busy and so was Monday. But I guess we can’t track, plan and just be organized 24/7. These last few days have been prime examples of how life can just surprise you even when you’re trying to be organized. Enough about that, let’s take a step back into the past.


The morning was a new smoothing: the banana nut. It was delicious and a welcome from the green goodness smoothie (palette still adjusting). The moment I finished it though, I got an instant headache. I thought it was from the smoothie, it wasn’t. The moment I finished it the weather suddenly changed. That would be the culprit: the weather. Does anyone else get headaches or migraines from Chinooks or just atmospheric pressure changes? Anyways, I used a chocolate flavoured protein instead of a vanilla based. It was delicious and nutty.



I ended up taking a rest day on Friday and just worked through lunch. Someone in the office brought in chinese food. It. Smelled. Delicious. So as I salivated, I reached for my salad. Since I ended up eating Chinese Chicken Salad for a little longer than planned and since my prep skills are still shaping: I had fucked myself for protein. Luckily I had some leftover steak in the fridge, so bitch I made a salad with it. I even made sure to marinate it in the super dressing overnight. And oh-my-god that salad was delicious. I am not even kidding, every time I use the super dressing I am so surprised with how delicious it is. Anyways, salad loaded and satisfied I carried on with my day. NOTE: the coworking mate that had Chinese food regretted her choice. I did not *small smug face*.

Snacks were the caveman nuts, the usual. The work day rolled along without the need for anything other than what I had already.


IMG_9703 copy


I had two meals. And maybe some candy while I caught up on really bad reality tv (ANYONE WATCH REAL HOUSEWIVES SERIES? Toronto just premiered and it is looooooney). Listen. I don’t regret having two meals and some candy. It was amazing and I savoured every single bite. The first picture is of Tamales, Salvadorean recipe. I made these myself AT CHRISTMAS TIME. Yeah, they’ve been frozen for that long but a defrost and a trip to the oven they tasted brand new. These little a$$h@l*s are not diet friendly. They are made of corn flour that have been cooked in oil: olive oil as per my mother’s recipe, to make an amazing dough. Inside of the dough is chicken, veggies and this fucking amazing tomato sauce THAT HAS FUCKING BREAD IN IT. Yeah, the tomato sauce is blended with bread. Not breadcrumbs: BREAD. I ate two of these fuckers. Then I had nachos cause I needed some “veggies”…okay, cheese.


Saturday started out great. I made the butternut squash hash and made two fried eggs. I loved this meal. It was nutritious and delicious! Haha. I made sure to eat these as soon as I woke up because I wanted to try out the Advanced class at Lethbridge Fit Body Bootcamp.


The class was pretty good. I am excited to try it out again this week. I had to stop 10 minutes before the end of class because I had to go do a Apple Cider Vinegar Shot as part of a challenge in Girls Night Out. Apple Cider Vinegar has the benefit of lowering insulin and blood sugars which can help with weight loss. Lower insulin means that our cells release fat which we use during our workouts. In regards to blood sugar, having it too low can actually be a bad thing for us. Luckily, we are eating well and a good variety of food so we aren’t in risk of starvation. But the combination of lowered blood sugar with the lowered insulin it will help breakdown the fat when energy is needed.  There have also been studies done that show apple cider vinegar to lower cholesterol. Saving our hearts.

The afternoon and evening I had to go into work for our next Art Opening, check out my first art exhibit at The Port here. I knew this was going to be hard. I drank my smoothie and I brought a tuna salad. The tuna salad is still at work. Because:


I had the veggies. I had the dip and bread. I had the brownies. I had the meat and cheese (not pictured). I showed restraint. But I still ate some things I should not have had.


Okay this blog is quite long. I’ll just fess up and say I had McDonalds. But can I just say, I didn’t feel as gross as I usually do after eating it? I know that’s bad. And this weekend which wasn’t the best for staying on plan was by the better than my usual weekend. I know I’ve been saying this a lot but my usual is REALLY bad. So I still think I am winning.

Sunday was all about prep and making dinner.

Sunday night I prepped the BLT Egg Muffins:


And made the turkey (used chicken) kebabs which I didn’t love and I had to use some tzatziki made from Greek Yogurt, lemon, garlic and cucumber to actually consume it. The Roasted Garlic Broc and Cauliflower were fucking amazing though.



I’ll end the blog here. Sorry for it being extra long. I’ll try and keep blogging throughout the weekend so everything isn’t so jam packed in one post. I hope everyone who’s also doing #GNO or really any healthy lifestyle change is doing well. I mean, I hope you all are doing well, really. Just a special shout-out to those who are trying to integrate healthier choices. Less sugar, more complex carbs and more sweating.






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