Face Files: #GNO, Day 4

Day 4 is the day I fell. I did this to myself since it was what I thought when I woke up. The way we think and perceive is very much how we set-up our day. Let this be a lesson to override those negative thoughts. Even though Day 4 was a challenge for me, I definitely overcame a lot and I still feel like I’ve taken a couple steps towards the conquering the mountain that is this challenge.


The morning started out with a repeat of yesterday’s smoothie but with fresh wheatgrass instead of the powdered form I found at nutters (well that my boss found at nutters). I cut some and added it to my smoothie. The smoothie definitely tasted different and I am not sure if I throughly enjoyed it. I think I like the powdered stuff since it felt more concentrated and fresh? I don’t know, my smoothie yesterday was more suited to my palette than the actual fresh wheatgrass. I am pretty sure that’s not good. Luckily, I have A LOT of wheatgrass left so I will be forcing myself to enjoy it for the next couple days.


By the time I finished my smoothie, I wasn’t feeling well. A few of my coworking mates have been sick so I think I may be the next one down. Hopefully the green smoothies and a good night’s rest will help with combatting the sickness. I also drank a Emergen-C that my kind, sick, coworking mate gave me. God bless her. In order to soothe my ailing soul I also reached for some tea instead of coffee this morning.



Lunch hour was again spent at Lethbridge Fitbody Bootcamp. Today’s work out was all about the legs. But it definitely got the heart rate up. I sweated so much that I was afraid my Kat Von D liquid lipstick was going to end up all over my face (it didn’t). By the time I got back to work, as usual, I was ravenous. I quickly ate my Chinese Chicken Salad before an afternoon appointment. I think I could’ve eaten double the amount that I had brought with me. I also brought a Zevia from home to drink with my lunch. A participant from a former challenge informed me that this drink was allowed during her challenge; so I am guessing since some of the recipes call for Stevia than it must be okay.


What is Stevia? The simple answer: it’s an alternative to sugar. Part of this challenge is to get rid of our addiction to sugar (which I am finally having withdrawals from). In comes Stevia. In its natural form Stevia is a leaf, a herb that originally came from South America. Nowadays it can be grown in your own backyard (this is what I hear). In its natural forms, studies have found that it can lower Blood Pressure. As we all know (or didn’t know), sugar actually raises our blood pressure, so a sweetner that can do that is pretty amazing. The catch: most stevia is processed to miles end and there have been no studies done (that I can tell at least) that can tell us whether or not it’s processed form is good or bad for us. The processed form can also have erythritol in it which if consumed in large quantities and on a regular basis, can give you diarrhoea, upset stomach or headaches. Now armed with this information, I will be looking for it’s natural form which is called Stevia tincture or sweet drops and is basically the leaf boiled down and made into a syrup.


Play this while reading the following:

Dinner was Chinese Chicken Salad. I got home in time to salvage the last serving of it. It was enough to fill me up. But before finishing it, my daughter demanded I give her a bath. I obliged since she kinda smelled like vomit (rough night and no time in the morning to give a quick rinse equal kid still smelling like vomit from the previous night’s episode of over eating vomiting). This is where I snuck into the pantry and ate two piece of dark chocolate with almonds. No shame. No regrets. After bath time I finished the rest of my salad. Then we left for Costco. Is the Jaws theme song still playing? If not, hit play again.

Costco. I thought since we had just finished dinner once we checked out I would escape the dreaded pizza. NOPE. My daughter demanded a slice. I obliged. She’s three and today I just needed to escape the tantrum. I again, sneaked a couple mouthfuls. Like six. Again. No regrets. Then we headed off to Wal-Mart where we bought this:


I have no words to explain myself.

Before leaving, my daughter, once again demanded a treat and this time from McDonalds. Here, I refused but my mother bought her a muffin, against my wishes. All I could do was roll my eyes and think that I have a bigger challenge ahead of me once I get my eating habits in order: my daughter’s eating habits. I also had a bit of the muffin. This one I regret.

How did everybody else’s day go? Have you planned your cheat meal yet? I have. Oh. Yes I have.





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