Face Files: #GNO, Day 3

New day. I just finished my first and last cup of coffee. I am about to go boil some water to make a chai tea since I can’t stop thinking about it. Luckily, we are allowed to have a caffeine while on this program.


Today’s breakfast was a smoothie which was the only thing I had time to make this morning. The smoothie, called Green Goodness Smoothie was a surprise. I found an alternative that I may try tomorrow. Recipe here: Power Green Smoothie 2.0.  Green smoothies/juices have risen in popularity over the years and I don’t doubt why. One of my health gurus: Amanda Chantal Bacon, made a fortune creating a diet that demands at least one Green Juice/Smoothie a day. Strong green juice (one’s with virtually NO FRUITS) can alkalize, hydrate, can give you a good amount of protein and calcium, can stabilize your mood and do wonders for your skin. I have yet to try the one she has in her recipe book: Moon Juice. Because it intimidates me and I don’t have a juicer, so I would need to blend it. But perhaps after this challenge, I’ll be brave enough to put no fruit and add dandelions to the mix of greens. But today for today my taste buds got to try wheatgrass. I must admit I was a little scared of it. The result: a refreshing and filling drink. DRANK. OF. LIFE.



As usual on workdays, I hit the gym during my lunch hour. Today’s workout was an EMOM which means EVERY MINUTE ON THE MINUTE. It’s a crossfit concept were you switch from one exercise to the next all within a certain time frame (this being fit body, the time frame was about 25-30 minutes or so). I cannot express enough how good it felt to complete it. Once we finished two circuits of the exercises our coach, who celebrate one-year at Fit Body Bootcamp, gave us a challenge. We were challenged to do a wall sit for as long as we could take it. We were challenged to try for four minutes. I lasted a minute and a half. I have to give a shout-out to a fellow work-out mate for beating the previous time of a 10 minute wall sit with 14 minutes! Damn girl. You deserve that bubble bath tonight. Maybe next time the challenge is given to me, I will manage the four minutes? Haha #GOALS.

When I came back, I returned to eat my salad and salmon from last night. I had made plans to bring the SUPER DRESSING from last night but left it in the fridge. The mistake broke my little heart. Luckily, I have half a mind to keep Frank’s Hot Sauce in the office fridge. I added that and used the limes from the Salmon to make a delightful dressing. I ate the salad happily and still did not miss the carbs. I cannot tell you enough how weird it is to not be craving carbs. It’s only day three, so I am sure that will change. Or maybe I’ve just been mentally preparing for this challenge ever since joining Fit Body Bootcamp. I believe in easing oneself into challenges.

That being said, the afternoon had me at Canadian Wholesale. That fucking candy aisle. I almost fell. I ended up buying candy but not for me. It was for a not-for-profit I run called Queen Scarlet Cinema. I did grab the things I needed and hurried back to the office to eat my snack: turkey slices with almond butter, raisins and apple. I made three, only ate two (which is the amount we are suppose to eat? I don’t know). I ate the rest of my apple with almond butter. Satisfied and happy I went on with the rest of the work day.


Of course, I had to go on a grocery run before going home because low-and-behold I forgot to take out chicken breasts from the freezer for tonight’s meal: Chinese chicken salad. A quick run to the grocery store later, I found myself poaching chicken and cutting up a ton of veggies. The salad called for green cabbage, pea pods and red bell peppers. I added two other veggies: cucumbers and purple cabbage. I ended up with a TON of leftovers so I might be eating this for two other meals.

IMG_9643 copy.jpg

I am ending the day feeling fabulous. I am actually really surprised on how good I feel. What’s even more surprising is that I haven’t had a single piece of candy yet. Usually when I start these sort of “diets” I am so done by this time. I guess its because I am so surprised by how yummy the food actually is? Plus, I am committed. I am determined to succeed this time. And I think I’ve found my why. Have you found your why yet? Let me know in the comments how you’re doing! I’d love to hear from fellow #gno challengers. If you want to take a break from all the food chatter make sure to check out my latest beauty post on cleansers! It’s the first of the skincare series. It’s been a week of firsts!


4 thoughts on “Face Files: #GNO, Day 3

  1. Yes! You are doing amazing so far! (and thanks for the little wall-sit shoutout! My legs are still burning!). Where did you buy the wheatgrass from? I’ve just been substituting with the other shakes until I go and buy it, but now I’m super curious…you made it sound good!

    Anyway today’s another leg burner at the gym but I’m with you, the food is so tasty I’m not feeling defeated…actually feeling empowered…making healthy choices is hard and we are strong!!!

    Have a good one!

    1. You’re most welcome! You definitely deserved a shout-out and more. So impressed lady!
      The wheat grass packet was found at nutters and I actually picked up some fresh wheat grass at Save-on-Foods, south. In my next post I’ll compare the two tastes since they are pretty different. Try them STAT: either way they are so good and great for you too!

      Gotta love the leg burner. You’ve definitely inspire me to reach high for those fitness goals. Thanks for reading lovely! XO

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