Face Files: Girls Night Out, Day 2

Alright, so I survived the first day and with a smile! I fell asleep easily and woke up feeling fresh at 6:30 am. I am also happy to report that I came home, cooked the One-Pot chicken and ate it. Unfortunately, I came home a little late so it meant I was having dinner at 9:00 pm and I went to bed at 10:30 pm…so not ideal. But when you’re a busy body like myself, it will have to do.

This is what I had to eat on Monday night:


I made some adjustments. One: I left the skin on the chicken. I didn’t eat it though. I needed the flavour of the fat to do it’s magic while cooking the chicken. This delicious meal makes a lovely broth so I thought that maybe the fat would be a nice touch. I removed it before consuming, so I am hoping I didn’t do too much damage. I might’ve but I hoping that the workout will help with that. Two: I didn’t bother to open a bottle of wine. It called for a cup of sparkling white wine. I didn’t trust myself enough to open a bottle of wine and NOT drink the three and a half remaining glasses. So I opted for vodka. Vodka is low in calories AND is delicious when it’s used to cook with. And I hate drinking vodka so I am in no danger in indulging. Three: During the last five minutes of cooking the chicken I added: asparagus, broccolini and kale. I hate overcooked veggies and have heard that raw is best.

Ingredients included: vodka, lots of garlic, onion, veggie broth, chicken thighs and salt and pepper to taste. It was a simple but delicious meal. Hit the spot.

Day two:

Since I have more time on Tuesday morning’s, I decided to make an egg poached in tomato sauce.


The original recipe called to broil half of a tomato but I thought that was pretty basic. I can do simple but cannot do basic. So I decided to take out some tomato sauce I had frozen in the freezer. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the one I hoped I took out and was a pre-made one from a can. I usually make my own tomato sauce but for today, I will work with what I got. Canned tomato sauce can be a little dangerous since most companies tend to add sugar to the mix. I don’t know if you knew but sugar is evil. Did you know it’s more addictive than cocaine? It even acts like the drug when you compare the two to your brain’s way of processing it! Nuts. Anyways, I poached my egg in tomato sauce while “sautéeing” some red pepper. I pseudo-pan fried the broccolini (for two minutes or less) and was left with this for breakfast:


I then sprinkled the food with a treat salt:


Now to get ready for the day. I am taking my daughter to the gym today…so we will se how that goes.

2:oo PM

Alright, so I am never taking the little miss to the gym again. She made me leave halfway through the workout so I only got through ONE station. Gym time is mama time I’ve decided. I am a little sad since I wanted to set an example for her. Get her used to physical activity because if she is anything like me, she will enjoy basking in the sun reading than lifting weights or running or walking or anything physical. But I guess now she knows where I off to 4 to 5 times a week.

Lunch was last night’s dinner. On the drive home (from the gym) I was half dreading it. I kept on talking myself out of pulling through a drive-through for a quick fix of fries and a cheeseburger. Then I remembered how I feel each and every time I eat from a drive-thru: like I can feel my double chin growing. So nope, I passed each and every drive-thru and made it home safely. Once I got home I ran in and dove into a couple mouthfuls of the caveman granola we had to make on Sunday night. DAAAAAAAMN were they delicious. Panic subsided, I heated last night’s dinner and ate it in peace. Then I ate the snack:


Bedtime reflection:

Dinner surprised me. I made the Salmon but added some mushrooms to the mix and opted for red onion instead of what the recipe called for: green onions. If you ever want to make a crazy, flavourful salmon then combine: ginger, garlic, lime and onion together and cook it in a parchment paper. While the Salmon was baking I made the dressing for the salad which in our cookbook is called SUPER DRESSING. It was out of this world good.


I wish I could say that was all I ate but it wasn’t:

Before going to my work out…I may have had two turkey wraps from the previous day’s snack. I just needed to have them. Then we went to the mall and my daughter gave me a handful of popcorn and I sneaked a couple sips from her booster juice. Then I came home and cut a piece of an apple and ate it with almond butter. But when you look at the healthy snacking that is happening instead of the amounts of sugar I would be shovelling down my throat, this is an improvement. I am still proud of the smaller amount of sugar that I consumed today. And I felt satisfied all day long. I do want to drink some tea right now but it’s almost 11:00 pm so it’s time for bed.

Until tomorrow!

Make sure to check out Day 3 & Day 4 for yummy recipes and maybe a tid-bit about super or not so super ingredients!





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