Face Files: The Start of the Beauty Routine



New foundation: L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation. Everything else on my face: Mascara: Lancome, Grandiose Wide-Angle Fan Effect; Bushy Brows: Benefit, Precisely, My Brow Pencil Ultra Fine and Define; Blush: Makeup Revolution, blush & highlight palette; Bronze: Benefit, Hula; Highlight: Makeup Revolution, blush & highlight palette and Lips: Huda Beauty, Liquid Matte lipstick

When I started getting into beauty, I started with trying to find the perfect foundation without even thinking about my skincare routine. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon Caroline Hiron’s blog that I realized I needed to start taking it seriously. I mean, if our skin isn’t up to snuff how can our beautiful painted faces be? So like the beauty routine, I am starting from the top: cleansers.


The must crucial step to prepping your skin is cleansing. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive part of your routine. None-the-less it’s an important step, that can help improve the texture and look of your skin in a very big way. I have about seven cleansers (all for different uses and even times of day) that I have on current rotation. I use TWO every single day (note shown) but the other’s I use whenever I either fancy them or need them for a specific ailment…okay there may be one that I hate and one that I just keep the bottle off because I miss it a little.


Tata Harper, Regenerating Cleanser: As the bottle claims this is a daily exfoliant and clarifying cleanser. You apply this cleanser as you should apply ALL cleansers: on dry skin. It doesn’t lather which is key. A cleanser with no lather is a keeper. It’s full of natural ingredients and has nothing to do with the synthetic. It’s made in Vermont and claims to be part of a skincare line that is 100% natural, organic and nontoxic. It’s also $104. I used this product until it ran out (hence the picture of an empty bottle) and then even scrapped the sides and added water to get every single last useable drop cause…$104. Did my skin like it? Of course. Did I have show stopping skin? I don’t think I ever will. But my skin felt and looked nice. I still got the hormonal break-outs that I get EVERY SINGLE MONTH but it kept my skin clean. Would I repurchase? Maybe one day. It’s a treat purchase. I like treating myself. Every time I used it, I felt like I was taken back to the spa. Every time. It’s a nice mother’s day gift or birthday gift. If you like indulging: get it. It’s great addition to the wine and bubble bath ritual we all love to do.

 Ingredients to note in this cleanser include: Willow Bark which is a natural form salicylic acid which helps with acne and I am glad to say, I am not allergic too! Other forms of salicylic acid tend to over dry my skin. This form of it did not. Apricot Seed Powder which replaces nasty plastic microbeads (which gave us the false illusion of exfoliating while polluting and killing fish. Micro beads are currently banned in Canada).  Pomegranate Enzymes which although not clinically proven to reduce wrinkles do help with dissolving buildup. That can help with blackheads. French Pink Clay, someone once told me all clay is pretty much the same but then my mother swears by a red clay she uses on her skin (have you seen my mother? She hasn’t aged). I will say that the clay in this cleansers is MUCH different from the clay in other cleansers I’ve used (one I will discuss in this post). So I am not sure if all clays are the same. This one isn’t drying.


Skyn, Glacial Facial Wash: This brand comes from Iceland and I first came across it when I ordered a Cult Beauty box. The cleanser I tried was a cream based cleanser which I actually prefer from this one. This one foams and the other one doesn’t. That being said, I still use this cleanser but only sparingly. I apologize for the state of this bottle, it’s my travel cleanser. I used to bring this cleanser to the gym back when I was needing to shower at the gym. Now it lives in the shower and I only use it on days when I am so tired and in need of a hot shower, that I start my makeup removing process in the shower. Which is a big no-no for well balanced skin. I can talk more about why later.

Ingredients to note: Willow Bark, I am seeing a trend. I do tend to gravitate towards oily/combination skin treatments. And if you’re like me, I tend to gravitate to anything that’s more natural so it’s not surprising that Willow Bark is also found in this cleanser. Avena Stevia, haha when I quickly looked up this ingredient I found an article that promotes it as a natural viagra. WOW! But let’s just focus on the skincare components: this is a derivative from oatmeal so it has soothing properties and helps with exfoliation. Icelandic Kelp, kelp is rich in vitamins and minerals, while it has been proven to help with thyroid problems if ingested, I couldn’t find anything that described the benefits to skin (weird) so I am GUESSSING the vitamins and minerals will help while sloughing the dirt of the day away.


Rodial, Super Acids x-treme exfoliating glycolic cleanser: I don’t know how I feel about this cleanser to be honest. I haven’t had any reactions to it whatsoever BUT the cleanser did eat away the plastic pump it came with. Ever since I saw that reaction I’ve kinda been a little frightened to use it. I still use it but only when I don’t use my glycolic acid toner. I use one everyday…so this one may be just be sitting on my bathroom counter. I would not recommend this cleanser to sensitive skin but would recommend it if you have dry, dull skin and are prone to breakouts. It is gentle in the way that it doesn’t foam as much. Foam cleansers are evil. Have I mentioned that already? They are evil.

Ingredients to note: Glycolic Acid is a derivative from plants like sugar cane, pineapple and sugar beats. The botanical properties can be used to help skin conditions such as Psoriasis (article), Melasma (study) and Seborrheic Keratosis (article). One of the main reasons glycolic acid is so effective is because it can be used an exfoliator. Acids are amazing exfoliators, they actually loosen your skin particles and make it easier for it to be shed. Amazing work. Pronalen Fruit Acid, an organic acid that helps increase the moisturizing level of the skin. It also helps with exfoliating. Lactic Acid, another exfoliator that increases the moisture levels in the skin. Glycolic, Pronalen Fruit and Lactic Acid are all strains of an AHA.

IMG_9460 copy

Sunday Riley, Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser: THIS CLEANSER IS SO BASIC. I don’t even want to talk about it. It isn’t worth the money. It has tea tree oil in it but you can find a body shop cleanser that is probably better than this one. It also has clay in it. But I find it drying. Plus it foams.



Shiseido, Perfect Cleansing Oil: I LOVE CLEANSING WITH OIL. I love it so much it is seriously that one thing that’s holding me back from getting butterfly eyelashes (semi-permanent eyelash extensions). I loved using this cleanser until I met the one I am currently using (to be talked about next skincare post, I promise). This oil cleanser is light but effective. It pulls away all the dirt, melts away foundation and removes mascara like a fucking dream. Love it.

Ingredients to note: Mineral Oil, finding out that this cleanser has an oil that is derived from petroleum is a huge bummer for me. I will likely not repurchase because of this. Grape Seed Oil, now this is the good oil and what helps combat the gross mineral oil from clogging your pores. Man, I am bummed out to find out that this cleansing oil has mineral oil. Fuck.

Alright ladies and gents, that was the first intro to skincare. The next will be the daily products I use. There are some things that I’ve been using for a couple years and some that have become new staples. Stay tuned. My next post will be another intro to another facet of my life’s interest. I have a couple new intro to the blog that I will be doing in the next couple of week so stay tuned! Are you following along on the Girls Night Out Challenge posts? It seems like I am going to try and write on the daily so please be gentle on me! And maybe wait a day to read those since I’ll often go back and re-edit the post.




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    1. Thanks for the comment! I am still testing it out so I haven’t made up my mind yet. I mixed it today with another foundation, to try it in a different way, so far I am enjoying that! 🙂 I will review it very soon, promise.

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