Face Files: Girls Night Out

Follow me as I challenge myself to a healthier lifestyle. The Girls Night Out Challenge has now been extended to the blog. I am challenging myself to write a post a night in regards to how the day is going. Posts will be scheduled to go up in the morning (except for this one). Post may not also be highly edited since usually I take a week to edit each post.

Me in the middle of two #babes at our TIGHTS and BRIGHTS event at Lethbridge Fit Body Bootcamp last month. This is essentially my before picture.


Day 1

It’s dinner time and I am about to run to the grocery store to pick up more turkey slices and possibly broccolini. I’ve recently joined a gym called Lethbridge Fit Body Bootcamp. It’s a gym that specializes in 30-35 minutes sessions that repeat all day and focus on nutrition. Every couple of weeks they run a challenge and currently the one that is on offer is Girls Night Out (#GNO). Challenges come with access to the gym for the weeks it runs plus a nutrition plan that lasts as long as the challenge. This one is six-weeks long and it’s day one.

Today has been amazing. I’ve been drinking smoothies for breakfast for a month now and this component of the challenge won’t really change anything for me except that I will be introduced to better smoothies. Today’s smoothie had brazil nuts, protein powder, ginger, cinnamon, coconut oil and coconut water in it plus ice. The flavour combinations proved interesting but definitely yummy enough to drink without wanting to die. Or choke. Or gag.


Lunch hours are usually dedicated to the workout. I’ve been going for almost two months now. Every workout is hard. Every workout I find myself about to give up but then it ends. So you’re not given a chance to give up. That in itself makes me feel better. Today we had two trainers because the class was so full. It was great. Having two trainers allowed one to focus on really timing us and yelling out motivational sayings, in the nicest way possible, while the other focused on making sure our form was correct. The class may have been larger than usual but it didn’t feel crowded and the added trainer really made the difference.

The workout itself focused on shoulders which is a part of my body that needs attention. The first couple of weeks that I started working out at Fit Body, I noticed that I was feeling muscles being utilized I didn’t even know I had. What a wonderful feeling.


After the workout, I came back to a healthy tuna salad that called to substituted mayo for the Greek yogurt, all other ingredients were essentially the same. No bread to be seen but the tuna was fantastic with romain lettuce and spinach. Next time I might add some cherry tomatoes to give it more of a complex flavour. Apparently, I need complexity in my life.

Snack which I usually never pack for my day was a delicious combination of turkey slices, raisins, almond butter and apples. OH. MY. GOD. It was amazing. I wanted more but only had the two that we were suppose to have. The rest of the apple was eaten with almond butter.

Now, I go home to make dinner. I am starving. All in all it’s been amazing first day. We will see how the rest of the week goes. But I will say one thing, usually by the time this hour hits, I am dead to the world. And I feel it may have been because of the sugar intake in my coffee and candies I have been consuming for snack…oops. Currently, I feel really awake and full of energy. Enough energy to go home and make the meal I need to make. Maybe there is a thing to all of this healthy eating, haha.

Until tomorrow. I will report back on how dinner went.

Have you been following along? Make sure to check out Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4.




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