Face Files: Pat McGrath



Base is the same full face ritual  (primer, foundation, under eye concealer); eyeshadow: Viseart: dark neutrals palette, Makeup Geek: sparkler in Constellation , Urban Decay: moon dust palette; Blush & Bronzer & Highlight: Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Palette; Eyebrows: Urban Decay: The Brow Box & a Benefit 3D BROWtones Instant Colour Highlights

Preparing for this blog, I realized that I was missing quite a few of items from my Pat McGrath collection and didn’t even realize it. I actually even forgot that I owned the items I was missing. A couple of them are still missing: lost to a vortex that is the ever-changing purse game or the tomb that can be the little hands of a child. I did have half-a-mind to search and find a couple products: two glitters, meant for the lips, and the jumbo double ended eye liner…I feel like I should just quickly take a moment of grievance, for a lost lipstick ..and possibly two glitter pots. *Moment of silence* Okay moment over, now let’s talk Pat MGrath and her fucking editorial products.


Pat McGrath is a hot-ass makeup artist that has been delivering editorial looks since the 1990s. She is behind the scenes of every, noteable, fashion couture show and has painted the face of every supermodel known to men. Of course her make-up is going to be bomb. And it is. But is it revolutionary? Mmmmmm, not really. It’s on trend, and everything you need to continue looking like your bomb-ass self.

Let’s start with the lipsticks cause it was what I was introduced to. It pains me. Ails me. I am so saddened that I started paying attention to her makeup releases. So much money given. And to top the list, I missed out on Phantom 002 and Skin Fetish 003. Jesus sacramento, thank-god, she decided to put out more pressed pigments. I am getting sidetracked here, let’s chat lipstick.


Lust 004: The formula of these lipsticks is matte but it isn’t stiff. If you’ve ever used a Melt Cosmetics lipsticks, you’ll know what I am talking about. Those motherfuckers are STIIIIIFFFFFF. These lipsticks, on the other hand, have the consistency of a creamy lipstick but have zero lustre to them. This means they are easy to apply and can hold their own through a messy meal. I mean, you’ll still need to reapply throughout the day but you can get away with maybe just one or two applications…all depending on how careful you are when eating. They also make your lips look juicy and not like a dried out prune. If I am wearing a traditional lipstick, I gravitate towards these.

A note on packaging. I hate and love it all in one silly string ball. The packaging is designed to look as though they are testing samples and we are approving them or not. I like the idea of it. It’s simple and removes getting caught in the trap of buying something just for its packaging. That being said. Look at them. The printing has partially rubbed off and they just look cheap. This is not a cheap product. Also while I appreciate the size and shape of the tube of lipstick (it makes for precise application) the actual tube it comes in is disastrous! The lids keep popping off whenever I travel with them and let me tell you, my purse is not a place I want an unopened lipstick floating around…yeeesh. So my hope is that when they choose to release another set of lipsticks that they improve on the quality of the packaging cause the product is all aces. Re-test, please.


Metalmorphosis 005: The lure of this kit were the eyeshadows. Coming in two formulas, a trendy and classy: a pressed pigment and cream formula, they are exactly what you expect from them. Both packed with glitter. Sophisticated enough that you can  wear it during your v-card dinner. Depending on how applied, it could give you a complete rocker-chic look or a royal duchess of York vibe. Applies with no patchiness. It does however require that you use your fingertips if you’re using it dry. It WILL NOT pick up with a brush when dry. Only when wet can you use a brush, so if you hate that…you may hate these pigments. I am a big fan of using them over the whole lid or using it in the inner portion of my eyes to give any eye look a POP. The cream is pretty nice and if you lay the pressed pigment over top it just makes the whole thing come together.


The extras: Each kits will come with some extras and to be honest, I kinda don’t use the extras (remember how I lost a couple without even remembering they even existed?). I haven’t really played with the glitters since I am kinda not into the whole metallic lipstick look and I don’t think these are safe for the eye. I am kinda paranoid about using unsafe for the eye glitter since I seriously like my eyes to stay firmly in my eye socket. To be completely honest…I kinda feel like the whole metallic lipstick look can easily put you in the grandma category rather than in the edgy runway super model category. I mean, I eventually will play with it…just not right now. The eyeliner on the other hand, I love. It’s great for when you want your liquid liner to CUT A BITCH. So I am into it and although it takes some time to get used to; once you do,  it make’s application 10% easier….cause let’s be real, liquid liner is no walk in the park.  The lip gloss? Another standard lip gloss, not too sticky but not moisturizing either. It is meant to go with the gold loose pigment. I haven’t tried that either, mostly because I just don’t want to bother in the morning. The mephron mixing liquid is pretty cool. You use it with your pressed pigments and it does make them more metallic. Great product and I want to experiment with it more.

So there you have it. The intro on the great Pat McGrath and some of her coveted products. Everything is currently sold out, so you can’t get your hands on anything. But I am sure she will soon be releasing something. I saw her hanging out with Kim Kardashian on her snapchat, last week. So I am sure she’s brewing some more interesting products. Let’s watch and see what else she puts out. More lipsticks? (Will they be better?) An actual 3-D eyeshadow? I am waiting.



Tell me your favourite makeup artist story. I am going tomorrow to get my makeup done for the first time. Will I finally get chiseled cheeks? How long will it take?

Don’t forget to check out my other blog post on brands: the rivals. It’s kinda gossipy but still a good intro to the dynamics between rival companies and their beauty lines.



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