Face Files: Brands, the rivals

***First of all let me apologize to those waiting for the blog on Wednesday. I think I am going to have to move my updates to Friday’s, mainly because that just makes the most sense in time management. And I also need to apologize for those expecting a cute hand reaching for my beauty products. That cute hand is currently attached to a cough-attack child, which to fair is why I decided to push back this blog post to a couple days. -end of house keeping. ***

Base is the exact same as usual. Eyeshadow: Viseart Dark mattes palette & ABH Master Palette by Mario, Highlight: Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Powder in Champagne Pop; Contour: Benefit Hula; Blush: Lanôme in some shade…will update soon.


Marketing is branding and branding is marketing, both of these concepts do not come without the other. The makeup industry is no virgin when it comes to brand recognition. Some makeup companies use their products to lure you in while others will have a celebrity’s face or name plastered all over it to get you to buy whatever products they are selling. In most cases, I rather purchase products that have a great reputation rather then focus on the name of the celebrity endorsing them. But every so often (every other product in my collection rather) has a celebrity or social media content creator behind it. I give to you the either most hated or loved brands on the internet: LIME CRIME and JEFREE STAR COSMETICS.


I haven’t tried everything in both lines and mainly stuck to liquid lipsticks in the Jeffree Star Cosmetics brand, but I’ll tell you this about them: everything I’ve tried is top of the line (well except for Jeffree’s lip scrub…don’t buy it, it’s pretty much a DYI project you can make at home with sugar, olive oil and essential oil). I would like to focus on the product itself but I feel like I cannot introduce both of these brands without talking about the drama. Scroll down if you don’t care for drama and just want to hear about their products. I won’t judge you if you do…


To start with both brand owners hate each other. Each time a controversy comes up each brand owner will take the time to rub it in the other’s face on their social media platforms (Instagram). Both acts are pretty childish but at the same time entertaining: I love me some drama and pettiness.

Secondly, and most alarming of both brands: Lime Crime’s Doe Deere owner has been criticized for wearing a Hitler costume and posting it on her live journal blog (idiot). Jeffree Star has been criticized for making racist remarks in a weird comedy skit found on YouTube (idiot). Both of these actions happened WAY before they had any fame. It could also be proof of their true feelings but it also happened in the past when most of us still thought that wearing culturally appropriated customs and racial humour was an acceptable thing. Nowadays..not so much.

Thirdly: Lime Crime has had issues with security on their website where many got hacked and lost hundreds of dollars. Their response to this was mediocre at best.The issue has been resolved and I haven’t heard anything since. It was great example on how consumers never take the time to read the fine print while pinpointing the risks associated with shopping online. Plus, it laid the framework on how to deal with a hacking catastrophe, if you’re a company. I think there may have been an apology issued but they mostly buried the incident with more product launches. They survived it, even though thousands of customers lost their confidence in them (momentarily, I think) and they are no longer sponsored by many YouTube Beauty Gurus (none that I follow at least). This still gave them a bad reputation and many people I know still won’t buy from them.

Lastly: Jeffree Star has been criticized for smoking too much weed and broadcasting it on EVERY social media platform he is on. I am on the fence on this one. I think a lot of his followers are younger but at the same time, I don’t believe in censoring people.This act will be legalized very soon and should never have been illegal in the first place (IMHO). I do feel like he should be opening up the conversation of the effects of drugs and alcohol on developing brains, which I am sure many of his audience are going through at the moment….


The second point has made me stop to think about continuing to support these brands. Those are very serious issues to me but I feel, if I remove myself from ever purchasing from them, I should probably should stop buying clothes, makeup, hair products, beauty products and probably food. Racism is something that is found in all aspects of our society, including who we purchase from. It is overwhelming and sometimes makes me just want to give up living in society and move to the mountains, become that cat mountain lady I envision myself in becoming. Buuuuut…that’s unrealistic. I am to invested in this society. In a way, having this surface can be a good thing. It opens up discussion on our consumer power, do we actually have it? Can it be used correctly? Both answers may be developed in other blog posts. The more we talk about our socialized hate, prejudice and just plain ignorance, the more we grow as a society.


Anyways, let’s talk about the makeup. Let’s talk about the stars of each brand’s product lines: the liquid lipsticks. If I had to choose between Lime Crime or Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Jeffree Star’s liquid lipsticks would win. They are just so fucking wearable! The formula is very light and comfortable for a true matte liquid lipstick. It lasts a good long time, even when eating a messy meal…which 90% of the time, I eat messy meals, a main reason I try and avoid white t-shirts. I have mostly nudes in Jeffree Star’s liquid lipstick, some shades that look great on me (Mannequin, not pictured but is my absolute favourite to wear) and others that just look like white paint on me. (Let me know if you want a proper guide on wearing the right shade for you…I think I can help in that department).


Lime Crime liquid lipsticks come in as a close second when it comes to wearing them. They are a pinch more drying than Jeffree Star Cosmetic’s. I have more fun colours in Lime Crime’s liquid lipsticks (pictured above). I used to have more but gave them to a Queen I know (again, too much white in the formula which washed me out completely). I love the colours I own but have just recently ordered more in more wearable colours so I reach for them more often. I just don’t often feel like having purple lips when I am at work, you know?



Lime Crime’s Venus eyeshadow palettes. I am sorry these product are kinda dirty. I tried cleaning them but what is done is done. At least it is an honest portrayal that these eyeshadows have a bit of kick back. If that bothers you, then invest in Viseart eyeshadows, since those are the only eyeshadows I’ve ever used that do not have ANY quick back to them. Besides having some fallout, these eyeshadows are fantastic. I feel both palettes have a good mixture of wearable and fun colours. Unlike Jeffree Star Cosmetic’s palette (which I don’t feel the need to have) these palettes can create every day looks to edgy fun looks. Recommend. HARD RECOMMEND. The formula is very blendable – buttery and the best part? When you blend and blend and blend them, they retain their pigment which is strong. A little goes a long way with these eyeshadows.

The product in the middle is an eyeshadow brightener. It is no longer sold by lime crime. Why am I even mentioning it? Because I think, in my opinion, they made a mistake in discontinuing this product. It’s a makeup base and best used if you are going to cut your crease and you want that shadow you’re using to POP. Have pastels in your collection? Pairing it up with this will make those pastels BRIGHTER. I haven’t seen anything like it in the market. Of course you can use a white eye crayon but this one is a little more malleable. You can use it with a small eye brush and really get precise with your application. It’s a shame that they don’t sell it anymore. If they did, I would demand you get it for fun looks.

Both product lines are listed as cruelty-free and vegan…but not without controversy which I didn’t want to get into…just now.

Let me know if you boycott either of these brands in the comment below!





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