Face Files: A quick TUT on Conealer.

This post was a little difficult to post, not because of the nature of the blog post but because of the imperfections of my face. I have a bigger nose, bumps on my skin and the fine hair on my face is dark like my soul (just kidding). I would like to explore these feelings, feelings of imperfections, in a later post. I know that I am not the standard beauty. That’s okay. But at the same time it’s not. The beauty world is obsessed with perfection. Even the different/other must be perfect if working in the beauty industry. This will be my first mention on exploring the imperfection but it won’t be the last. I want to dive deeper later, it’s my soft warning for something more serious…in the future…but for now, let’s just focus on how to conceal and brighten your face with some makeup tricks.


This is my face with next to no makeup on it with less than 6 hours of sleep. (Thank-you offspring.) My face is primed and has its first coat of foundation already in place.


I usually start my concealing routine with Benefit’s ERASE PASTE in the lightest shade.


I tend to focus the product on the inner corners of my eyes since I find this is where I get the darkest circles. But focus where you feel you need the most concealing…img_8209

Blend in with a beauty blender like sponge, this is actually a Quo sponge that is a great dupe to the beauty blender; if you’re feeling lazy use your ring finger. ALWAYS USE YOUR RING FINGER WHEN TOUCHING YOUR EYES. It’s the weakest and will keep you from breaking skin and causing wrinkles.

Okay I know it looks like nothing has happened but this is why I do the next step. If I had had more sleep, I usually can get away with leaving it here but alas, I couldn’t on this day. On to the next step.


I use Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage concealer (longest name ever) to complete the highlighting routine with concealer. img_8217

This is where you make triangles. I sorta make triangles. I tend to focus most of the product on the inner portion of my face and fan it out as it gets to the outer portion of my face.


Blend it out again using your favourite blending utensil. I don’t advice using your finger in this step. You can for the inner corner of the eye (I often do when I already have eyeshadow on). But really,  you want to focus on blending in the concealer and working it into the skin completely.


Now let’s bake. Shiseido translucent loose powder is a game changer. It has a very different texture from most translucent powders. Dare I say it feels a little wet? Slippery like silicon but without the ick factor (if you’ve read, Face Files: the base, you’ll know I can’t handle silicon textures). It’s a great translucent powder. Pricey but great and I think it might last me a while. I will confirm if it becomes cost effective.

I load it on with my sponge over my concealer. This day I was feeling extra so I loaded it on places where I didn’t want my foundation to budge. Did you know that baking actually heats up parts of your face bake? It basically cooks the product so it sets into place and helps it stay in place all day long.


And this is what concealing can do for you. A brighter more awake looking you, even though you probably still need all the coffee in the world to keep you going. I am okay with faking it for the day. Hope you enjoyed the quick TUT. xo



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