Face Files: Foundation



Primer: Burberry Luminous Skin Base No.1; Foundation: Lancôme Bienfait Tienté BB cream in fair/light; Eyebrow: Lancôme, Le Crayon Poudre in Brown; Mac: Paint Pot in Painterly; Mascara: Diorshow Overcurl Mascara; Highlight and Contour: Tarte Pro Glow; Blush:Lise Watier Blush Fondant Supreme in Naturel; Liquid Lipstick: Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick in Trendsetter 


Foundations are the basis to most looks and I am always surprised when I find out that some women don’t ever wear it. But then I remember that I didn’t start wearing foundation until my late twenties. Before then, all the foundations that I tried were cakey, they just clinged to dry patches and did nothing to help with my other makeup. It wasn’t until I got a handle on my skincare and did some experimenting with foundations (drugstore and high-end) that I found what worked for me. So yes, I had to find a way to improve my skin before finding the love and the love was hard to find. It took figuring out ways to improve my skin without makeup to want to try out foundations. Some may think it’s crazy to mask skin that doesn’t need foundation and I just say: well you haven’t tried the right foundation. Having the right foundation to a makeup look can really just take your makeup to a 7 to a 10. Product blends better and the face really becomes a canvas for your eyes and lips to pop. But at the same time it’s about being realistic to what foundation can actually do to your skin. I’ve accepted my pores. Reluctantly but I’ve accepted them.

So now that I’ve convinced everyone to start wearing foundation, let’s talk about a few that I’ve encountered on my journey, some good, some horrible, all high end. I feel I have to apologize in advance: I am sorry…I have issues with drugstore foundations, either they sit weird on my skin or the colour match is next to impossible to find. But I will go on a hunt for things to recommend in the future.


Let’s go clockwise as we usually do.

Lancôme, Bienfait Teinté BB: I just bought this BB cream but I’ve been eyeing it up for a couple months now. I’d seriously go and swatch it and dab it onto my skin every time I walked into the Beauty Boutique at Shoppers Drugmart. I’ve been on the search for a BB cream ever since Stila discontinued their colour matching BB Cream (I will never forgive you Stila). The thing that I like about BB Creams is that they are great for the winter. They provide added moisuture with a bit of colour. I am still testing this out but I am enjoying how it blends into my skin and makes it feel. By the end of the day, even with a  good primer, there is nothing left but that’s what I expect from a BB Cream. A week ago, I even forgot I wore makeup and fell asleep without washing my face. Oops. BB’s are that easy and this one has enough coverage to tone out my skin tone and blur out my pores to an acceptable amount. It doesn’t last the whole day, yes but I feel by the time work is done and I get home, I kinda don’t care anymore…anyone else?


Chanel, Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation: I bought this foundation over the summer time and after buying it I watched three youtube videos reviewing it. Two out of three hated this foundation. I decided to keep it and try it out anyhow. From day one I’ve had mixed feelings about this foundation. It’s best applied with your fingers since…well to be perfectly honest, I don’t know why. You can blend it with a sponge/makeup brush but I feel it gives the best finish with finger application. For me, that’s a plus: it’s faster than an ordinary foundation and it gives more coverage than a BB cream. It has medium coverage but does an amazing job covering up my pores, especially the one’s on my nose. On me, it doesn’t cling to any dry patches and sits well on the skin. One of the youtubers that reviewed it had really dry skin and that was her complaint. So far, it acts like a great foundation…until midway of its wear. By the end of the day, it breaks up like sheets of ice in early spring. I feel like the healthy glow part comes from the oily mess it makes of my skin. Now, okay, I may be exaggerating but at the end of the day, I am happy to wash it off. I’ll continue to use it since it is easy to apply and does look lovely during it’s first hours of wear…but I’ll only put it on when I am just going to be out of the house for a couple of hours and don’t need to look as put together throughout the day. Ironic isn’t it? The brand that embodies women just being effortless, flawless and just put together delivers a foundation that kinda makes you into a hot mess at the end of the day. THE TRUTH COMES OUT.


Lise Watier, Luminous Foundation (second skin): Alright, this foundation is lightweight has medium coverage and has the nickname of second skin. It’s BEAUTIFUL. It has a cult like following (not unheard of when it comes to her foundations). If I wasn’t obsessed with my current foundation I would be using this one daily. I will always have this one on hand. I am just really into foundations that you can’t feel you know? The coverage doesn’t compare to Clinique’s Beyond Perfecting Foundation but that’s a full matte coverage foundation. This one isn’t exactly full matte but isn’t dewy either, it’s in the middle and it is definitely not full coverage. It’s perfect for the daily routine if you aren’t feeling extra.


Clinique, Even Better: I think this foundation will be my go-to in the summer. It has SPF 15 in it and apparently it’s suppose to improve the look of your skin. I’ve used it a handful of time since my lovely girlfriend pointed out that the colour match was slightly off. Naturally that made me self-conscious when wearing it. After the comment it took me a while to reach for it but I just recently did and loved the feel of it. Have you noticed I am all about how the foundation feels? It glides on nicely and blends into the skin like a foundation should. It feels like a hybrid between a BB cream and foundation. It has more coverage but feels nourishing as well. So if you’re looking for something that covers, nourishes and you can’t feel throughout the day, I would recommend checking this out but maybe make sure you pick up the right colour…


Bobbi Brown, Skin Foundation Stick: THIS IS THE BOMB. It colour corrects as you blend it in so if you get the right shade range there is no way this will not match your skin. It is build able so you can wear it sheer to full coverage. YOU CANNOT FEEL IT ON YOUR SKIN. It stays in place even during hot summer days. It does not cling to dry skin. The one thing I will say is that you NEED a sponge (either the beauty blender or something like it) to blend it in. The description on Sephora says that it blends easily but…that’s a lie, you do need to work it into your skin. With a damp sponge it will melt into your skin so it’s still a win. I love this foundation stick. It’s the original. Not sure if it’s still the best since I’ve heard so much about the Hourglass stick foundation but I haven’t tried that one yet. This is a great foundation and I have no problems with it.


Aaaaand those are some of my favourite foundations. I am sure I’ll always be on the lookout for other foundations to try and maybe fall in love with. For the next blog post I am doing a little tutorial on concealer so the format will be a little different. Just a warning! I need to shake things up! Also I have a couple exciting things in the works so please stay tuned.

Now tell me, do you wear foundation? Why or why not? Let me know down below! And don’t forget to start with a good primer, feel free to check out FACE FILES: the base to see some primers that I’ve used.




4 thoughts on “Face Files: Foundation

    1. Saved you some bucks $$$ hahaha. I often find super lux foundations are kinda overrated. Mid-range is where it is at! haha

  1. OHHHH A FOUNDATION STICK! I Did not know this existed. I have been using Body Shop BB cream this week because Ive been lazy and it does the trick. Normally I am a Mac Foundation gal when I decide to put it on! I am thinking id like to try a stick! Maybe with an Elf Beauty blender I have been eyeing!

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