Face Files: the staples

Face Files: the staples





Wearing: NYX eyeshadow (wanderlust collection: white and dark brown) and matte cream lipstick (Transylvania), Pat McGrath Metalmorphosis (Gold mixed with mehron mixing liquid), Melt Cosmetics lovesick stack (Amelie) and a gosh lip gloss that no longer has a name on it :(. Face: the staples listed below plus Benefit erase paste (light) and Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Concealer (light warm), both not pictured below since sometimes I just use my Dior AirFlash as concealer. Enjoy the blog. It’s long, so grab some coffee and a leftover Christmas treat!


The staples. We all have them. The products that we all reach for on a daily, if not, ritualistic basis. In the pile pictured above, there are two new products: primer and lipstick; and two products that rotate out: eyeshadows and blush. For some reason my eyeshadow can never be the same on an occurring basis and nor can my blush (even though my blush collection does not reflect this habit). So I won’t focus on them since I only want to highlight what I’ve been using on a daily basis for the past couple of months. Let’s start from left to right on clockwise rotation, shall we?


Lise Watier, conturing brush: this brush was a limited edition from the 2015 winter collection. It needs a good cleaning but besides that, it’s marvellous. It’s a good size for conturing the face but can be used for both bronzing and  blush if you’re traveling or in…a pinch. You can find Lise Watier  at any shoppers drug mart that isn’t a boutique (unless it’s a mega boutique). I would recommend sticking to their brushes, lipstick and some skincare. Alternative contour brushes: Real Techniques.


Morphe, crease brush: I got this brush when I bought my morphe 35T palette which I kinda hate but I refuse to return since then I would have to return this beloved brush (it came with the palette FOR FREE). THIS BRUSH IS THE SOFTEST AND GREATEST. It blends any pesky eyeshadow that you may have (in my case: the morphe palette) and makes your high-end eyeshadows work like angel wings on your peepers. Highly recommend. In Southern Alberta, you can purchase some brushes at Showcase stores. The prices are a little jacked up from what you can buy from the Morphe online store but it evens out with the crazy amount of shipping and USD conversion rate (sometimes). Morphe is best known for their makeup brushes and cheap eyeshadow palettes. I wouldn’t spend my money on the palettes but the makeup brushes are seriously the bombastic.


Anastasia Beverly Hills, crease and shadow brush: this brush I got from one of her recent palettes in collaboration with Mario Dedivanovic. He’s a famous makeup artist, does Kim Kardashian’s makeup…so you know, he’s gotta be a makeup god or something in order to touch such a face. The palette is incredible (and out of stock) by the way. Anyways, the reason I wanted to include this brush is because ABH has a line of brushes and this has peaked my interest in them. I also have to give mad props for including a brush in a palette that wasn’t destined for the garbage and actually had use. The brush comes with a crease brush on one end and a shadow brush on the other. The crease side is the perfect side for blowing out your crease shadow while the shadow brush can really pack it on. It is literally the perfect brush. PERFECT, PERFECT, PERFCT. ABH can be found at Sephora or on her own website.


Esteé Lauder, blush brush: this thing is old and it feels old. It isn’t soft anymore (I don’t think it ever was) but I must admit, considering how old it is – like 10 years – it’s still in pretty good shape. It may not be soft but none of the bristles have fallen out and it applies blush well. That being said, I am looking for a new one and I may have gotten it’s replacement during Christmas, will report later if I did or not.



Lanôme, Le Crayon Poudre: this is the only eyebrow pencil I will ever use. And I would only recommend using it if you have naturally thick brows. I’ve been extremely lazy when it comes to my eyebrows lately and just been wanting something fast. In order to get a clean look, I do need to make sure it is sharpened before using it. It works well and I like that this formula is a bit on the waxy side, so you can skip the brow gel, if you wish. fullsizeoutput_13f7

Clinique, beyond perfecting foundation: let’s just say that this foundation was in my makeup bag that got swiped and I just couldn’t do with what I had on hand so I re-purchased it. It’s that good. It’s long lasting (I have oily skin), it’s matte and on top of all that, doesn’t make you want to rip your face off. The formula is lightweight so you can barely feel it on the skin. When the barely there feeling happens, it is not only magic but a sign that it actually blends into your skin and looks seamless. Which is what we all want, right? To look effortless.


Dior, Airflash spray foundation: another foundation that doesn’t make you feel as though you are wearing a mask. It’s weightless but is also light on the coverage. I bet you’re wondering why I use two foundations? Well one I actually use for highlighting the underneath of my eye. You know how beauty gurus make upside down triangles on their faces? Well that’s not just to please their mathematical needs; it’s also to highlight the centre of the face, so you look more symmetrical and like the sun is inside of your body to make you beam.



Benefit, Hoola Bronzer: this is another product that I kinda repurchased when my makeup bag went missing. It’s the baby version of what I used to own; since I got it in a sample set. Once it gets used up I am running to buy the full size. It works well as a bronzer but works better as a contour powder. If I am feeling the need to be extra, I’ll use this in conjunction with a bronzer. The shade is right for my skin tone but above all else, it blends really well. I think this shade is great for neutral to light-medium complexions. Sadly, Benefit does not make any other shades for Hoola which is a little nuts.


Laura Mercier, matte radiance baked power in Highlight 01: okay this is the best highlight for oily, big pored skin. It is one of the few highlights that doesn’t emphasis pores (I kinda don’t care that some highlighters do that, cause highlight is my life..but some people might). My only complaint with this shade is that it feels a touch too silvery. I think I will need to get a bronzier shade in a couple years when this runs out. Seriously, I’ve had it for three years already and still haven’t hit pan.


Chanel, Ultrawear flawless compact foundation broad spectrum SPF 15: this is a great setting powder. I wouldn’t trust it giving full protection from the sun nor would I use it as a powder foundation since the coverage is very minimal (nothing beats Mac’s studio fix powder plus foundation). It’s great for setting makeup and for helping blend in contour and blush.


Dior, Diorshow Iconic Overcurl mascara: I can’t do drugstore mascara. I admit that when it comes to beauty products I don’t have a love affair with the drugstore and it shows itself the most in my mascara preference. This mascara lengthens, gives volume and helps with curl (I have really straight eyelashes) but the reason I love this mascara the most: it doesn’t over clump when you add your third…or fourth…coat. Simply cannot do without it.


And those are just a few of my staples. I didn’t include my concealer since a. I forgot to include THEM in the group shot and b. I’ve actually been skipping THEM. I must be getting some sleep, hahahahahahahahahaha…right.

What are your staples? Leave a comment down below to let me know!


Happy Holidays!




Still Alive

Still Alive


I reflection of the past three years:

I’ve had a child in the middle of a time where we’ve forgotten that science once predicted an ice age but has now turned into predicting a closer hell. Regardless, a child was born. Post-apocolypse times have always been close to mind. Nothing really new there. But accepting that a child always adds a strain: to a mother’s life, to our resources and of course the economy is one thought often denied. I’ve seen a good $500 a month just for giving birth. Something we should let the pro-lifer’s campaign, abortion money for birth money.

I’ve seen a Canadian landscape deny racism, both in its political sphere and in its homes. I’ve seen political marketing campaigns both abroad and across my home openly question the safety of people of colour. No longer ashamed of being ignorant to false claims that the lighter your skin, the cleaner.

I’ve learned that magic both comes not only in forms of witches but in the pockets of imagination of young children. And it can blossom with a spec of dust. Just like dust I’ve seen it thrown away along with it the illusion that only a God can save a person. I’ve felt a human grow inside me and with it be born already burning up from northern lights.


I’ve felt the weight of death on my grandmother’s breathless body. Her body wasn’t expecting my usual force and she was almost flung into the warm spring floor. At the moment I noticed how much weight had lifted from our house. With it replaced a sorrow only my mother could truly feel.

I’ve had the closest thing to true love come into my life and leave me.


The touch of many hands have felt my skin since then. And none of them close to fulfilling any true need someone like me craves but never truly needs. The only things left behind have been guilt, shame and I sense of loss of power. Nothing has changed and I was still able to demonize natural impulses.


Sometimes I think that women who have felt this loss have turned away from our natural self-deprecation and become masters of their own bodies. But then,


I’ve realized that along the way of becoming our own masters we’ve learned to properly mask ourselves. To survive our own streets. Our beauty gurus are the technicians of our street smarts just like Di Camillo perfected his in his cell, they/we have perfected how to play others, one degree of taupe at a time. No matter. Our masks will always fall short.


3 years have gone by and I still feel like I am fighting to be seen as human. The hope remains in the life that will continue my fight.