Tinder Update: the fuck and chuck

We live in a society where we sometimes take a bite of our food, decide we hate it, eat a little more out of guilt but then with no remorse or second-thought chuck the whole plate away into the TRASH. This, my friends is the equivalent of a fuck and chuck. Others would call it a one night stand but I would differentiate it; a one-night stand usually happens out of the blue. There is no guilt bites, the first bite happens and then boom, you’re in the trash either minutes or hours after the bam-bam. A fuck and chuck on the other hand lingers a little more just not afterwards but beforehand.

The fuck and chuck is usually a mixture of a one night stand and resembles the first steps people take in forming relationships, the difference is there is never an intention of forming that relationship. You have light conversation for a time period that you’re comfortable with (could be days or hours); for myself I take days in order to establish if I want to meet a person. Unlike the one-night stand, with a fuck and chuck, you have a bit of an understanding of who you’re about to chuck after the fuck.

My first date on tinder was with a viking. Almost 7 ft tall, red head and a beard from a metal band. He was very cute and had all the necessary components of a fuck and chuck: cute, slightly charming, didn’t overly message me and the most important aspect of all, from out of town.

I didn’t intend for my first tinder date to be a fuck and chuck but like mentioned in my previous post: the sex-bomb had awakened something inside me that had laid dormant since my last relationship. So on the drive to the restaurant near his (in his hotel) I decided I was going to bang the viking if the opportunity arose.

And so, we met, chatted for an hour and then he asked me if I wanted to go up to his hotel room to make-out. I accepted and we did the deed. And to be honest, it wasn’t anything exciting. Fuck and chucks usually never are. But they are sometimes necessary. Although fireworks never happened, they satisfy a basic need and sometimes that’s enough. I left and carried on with my evening.

That was the first tinder date. Pretty stereotypical, don’t you think? On to the next swipe: the country boy.