Read to them: Olivia and the fairy princesses


Before I comment on this book let me just say that I really despise how people refer to little girls as princesses. It drives me bananas. Princesses need to be rescued, doted upon and above all else: they are powerless until they marry a prince. People should find this transfer of power creepy. They should think about the implications that the word gives. Yet, no one does…

So why did I choose this book when I was at the library? Because I am familiar with the Olivia series and knew not to be fooled by the title. If you aren’t familiar with the series I demand, yes demand, that you go out and become familiar with her. She’s a perfect role model for curious, expressive and spirited little girls; the perfect recipe for critical thinkers.

This particular book follows Olivia’s question of why must every little girl want to be a princess and her quest to figure out what she wants to be. On top of her own exploration it comments on mindless behaviour and highlights standing out from a crowd. It’s brave and a refreshing spin on fairy princesses. I hope that by constantly reading these sort of books, my precious will reject being a princess and strive for a more powerful identity, like Olivia does in the end.


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