Read to them: Love Monster


I bought this book while I was in Victoria; when embryo Veronica was still kicking my ribs. When I first read it to “her”; I wasn’t impressed. It didn’t flow like my other picture books (soon to be reviewed) and since I had started practicing reading out loud, that kinda bothered me. But when Veronica was born, I reached for it one morning. As I finished the story; I no longer felt disappointed. Why? Well I guess I got passed my initial disappointment and focused on the message. Not only that, I focused on the amazing colours and drawings each page had.

Love Monster is about a googly-eyed monster who lives in Cutesville. He’s the odd-man out and can’t find love with the overwhelmingly cute around. So he sets out to find it. A story about the search for love in a world where you’re told that you need to be attractive to find it.

There are a couple of things that I like about this book:
1. The monster is determined. This determination is rooted with self-love. The monster believes he deserves love so he pours all of his soul to search for his other half.
2. He almost never gave up. No one loves a quitter! Right? The fact that he almost did made him more human.
3. This one is tricky because it’s also something I don’t love: the book emphasizes that you have to look the same to find a person that loves you. This is simply not true: attractive people fall in love with less attractive people all the time. But that’s just a surface reading. The meaning beneath that point is you have to find someone that suits you, someone with common interest and life goals. So, I’ll let that slide since it teaches kids about perseverance and the power of believing in yourself.

Did I mention the colours and drawings are particularly awesome in the book? If you like bright, you’ll love them.

I reach for this book often.


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