Read to them: I know a Bear


I can’t stop thinking about this book. I read it to Veronica right before I wrapped it up for her first birthday and I haven’t had it off my mind since. It’s simple, filled with beautiful illustrations and delivers a story immersed in critical thinking. Yes, I just said critical thinking.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to me that Veronica gets book that make her wonder, think and challenge any and all existing stereotypes. Books, like film, art, clothes, anything of expressive nature, are extensions of the self; so naturally I want to give her the opportunity to explore an extension of my values! Because isn’t that what raising kids is all about? Cloning yourself or creating a 2.0 you?

Marian Ruiz Johnson delivers a book that will make you wonder if you really should plan for the zoo next summer. While I read it out loud, I couldn’t help venture back through the Calgary Zoo Canadian wilderness section and think of how badly I want to release the grizzly bears from it. This book is so good, it even made me wonder. I grabbed it because I’ve always had an ethical battle whenever I visit zoos. They make me sad but at the same time, they have a place in society and they aren’t the problem. Our views towards nature and animals are. You see how amazing this book is? I think it was part the reason of my decision to try being a vegetarian and vegan 80% of the time. Perhaps I’ll talk about that later. But for now, if you have kids in your life, check this book out.


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