Chelsea Lately, edit.

I feel as though I need to clarify my half-thought-out post about Chelsea Lately aka Chelsea Handler. In the months that have passed, I’ve actually stopped watching her show. Even with me tuning off, I still want to highlight her feat into marking her territory in a field that is run by men; even if she jokes about only getting there because she dated one of the producers. Regardless though here sort of jokes are one of the reasons I’ve had to change the channel.

Comedy is a great way to handle sensitive subjects, yes. But often times these subjects: racism, sexual abuse, sexism, etc – are not handled with the finesse they need and what ends up being delivered becomes offensive. There are times when comedians just need to address issues and it shifts power. In Chelsea Lately’s case, it didn’t really feel like she was shifting anything and her show was just another tool to reinforce the idea of a white woman’s power. Handler is famous for making fun of women’s sexuality and how it’s used to “gain” a higher statues. Her show shifted from having smart comedians to hearing racist impressions to too much Heather McDonald, snooze. Then the HuffPo incident happened and so here I am. I don’t support her and I think I may have been excited to see a woman on a big platform. I’ve realized that she isn’t shaking things up. The thing is, if she just stopped serving herself, she could have.

That’s all. I am actually sorry, feminist slip up I guess. But before I go to sleep, I need to leave another video of the Factuary, funny, informative but above all else: insightful. I probably should have written about it more. Next time I’ll redirect my focus.


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