Cunt Post: The Bitch that got a bigger stage – Mouthy Bitches Edition 1

I love Guy Branum and if you’ve watched the factuary (especially the video posted above) you’ll understand why there is a mad love for this GUY. He’s also a comedian on Chelsea Lately which makes him my perfect segue to the bitch, Chelsea Handler (oops, microagression alert).

She’s the only female comedian that currently has a late night television show. She has brought comedians like Guy Branum and the ever lovely Jen Kirkman, (if you don’t already follow her on twitter…well let’s just say: GET ON THAT) to the spotlight. I love her round table discussion when either one of these comedians are on her show. But…sometimes Heather McDonald’s gets to be a little too much.

This woman is extremely intelligent. She’s beautiful and has a great sense of humor. On top of all of that she’s extremely feminine.  The woman is an author, producer and late-night talk show host. She’s a hard working woman who is open  enough to talk about EVERYTHING (duh, she hosts a late-night show). She sounds like the type of gal I would love to hang-out with; perhaps we’d bond over our fear of children together.

I think one of the main reasons why I’m enamored with this bitch is not only for her ambition but because she uses major microagressions and doesn’t give a shit that she does. She’s about to debut her show on a bigger stage because she embodies what most women want to be. Smart, powerful, sexy and mouthy. That last descriptor, mouthy, is an indicator of our time. It isn’t until now that our culture is accepting women who are speaking their minds; even if sometimes they further complicate our ideals. Sometimes the shit they say are downright dumb but they’re saying it, regardless. It’s the nice loophole freedom of speech has created!

If you’ve never heard of this woman. I’d recommend being introduced to her during her recent Howard Stern interview. You’ll get what I mean when I say, I love and hate this bitch all at the same time. If you’re a hardcore feminist maybe skim over when Howard Stern starts being a major pervert (promise it isn’t the full hour long interview) but listen to the whole interview. The bitch is honest about who she is and really, at the end of the day, that’s all I ask.