And the winner is…

BAD taste sucks. Worse when you can’t admit you have it. The fear of bad taste can have a devastating effect; just look at the force of McDonalds. It has gone as far as penetrating reason. A father disowns his own flesh and blood. He sees no reason to sustain it anymore because to him his son has the bad taste of loving men. What lunacy. The effect is like a subtle addiction that lies undetected for so long, death like. The common mistake of normalcy is at its fault.

Sometimes I think that the industry born in Hollywood has always exploited this problem. This lunacy has gone as far as making me believe it has always been there. Something about the artificial water of California doesn’t sit right. I always grow wary during Awards Season. This season might be the worse for me. This year I’ve let my bad taste get out of control. (It all points to the waistline.) I’ve kept my mouth shut for too long regarding an issue revolving around a little Oscar nominated film named the Artist.

Not that the film that came out under the pretence of being Art is a bad film. On the contrary it is quite delightful (the one thing Hollywood can claim as art – delight). For someone who was completely enthralled by Pandora’s Box – a two-hour ROMANTIC silent saga – the Artist was a captivating sit through. A lot of its magic came from experiencing a silent film in its proper setting: a theatre.  I bet it was even a dream come true for some, so why the bad taste in my mouth?

I guess I realized bad taste had gone too far when Kim Novak shouted at the top of her PR Lungs, “RAPE” (who the fuck CRIES rape) on her body of work a week after I had encounter the splendour of the Artist. That act, the misuse of a word that should be intended to describe a severe crime is a pretty good example of bad taste. To release statements of how the Artist RAPED her BODY of work is insulting on so many levels. First of all she highlights language’s (or is it our culture?) irrelevance to the word RAPE, just look at athletic’s culture track record involving rape and societies dismissal of such involvement and accusations! Bitch magazine gave her the Douchebag decree because of her insensitivity to the meaning of rape. Second, IT IS A FALSE ACCUSATION – the musical score that was cut of Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo and pasted right into pieces of the Artist were given credit; which means that the rights to use it had been bought. Bought and paid for….no copyright infringement happened. No violation according to the law. Artistic integrity set aside, to the masses, the choices made to take from another film and insert it into this one wasn’t a bad choice. It is done all the time and there’s a set standard for some film directors such as Quentin Tarantino to take styles, ideas and re-work them into their work. For me, I just find the outright use of one work without its modification by the hand of the artist to be lazy. That’s all.

There are two things to be learned from this whole debacle and one outweighs the other but they are both heavily entrenched in the way we lead our lives today:

  1. That we should never undermined the meaning of rape and should be aware of our cultures sensitivities when it comes to the meaning of this word.
  2. That we live in a re-mix culture and that we should expect it to translate into something new.

Like it or not, Michel Hazanavicius did take the lazy way. Why didn’t he just take inspiration from the score instead of outright using it? Let us just hope that this bad taste translates into good taste for some and they explore the work of Bernard Herrman and take some time to view Vertigo.

As for Kim Novak, she is old and comes from a generation where gender issues were kept in hush-hush territory, the word, the act and the tolerance of rape was probably even more abused then than it is now. I respect her body of work but I do not respect her poorly executed statement. From this, I hope we learn that rape is an giant problem within our society. It’s a sensitive issue, I know. But it begs us to questions how we, as a society, are treating this issue. Most of us are sweeping it under the rug and its time we took out the dust mites and moved towards a cleaner society. One that respects sexuality and doesn’t make light of issues revolving rape. Becoming aware of the facts helps check out this site for more information: