You’re so original, the artist.

This is a half thought.

I’ve been thinking about the artist. That isn’t uncommon for someone like me. With the thought of the artist comes the thought of originality. I remember sitting in English class in University and the discussions of the death of originality springing up. This idea deeply unsettled me. The end of creativity meant the end of exploration. And that’s a pretty sad thought. So I am revisiting some works that have been re-mixed into art.

There is:

– Girl Talk – an artist who breaks all the rules with his illegal music.

– Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody has been said to be a pastiche of operatic style.

– “Weird Al” Yankovic whole career has been to parody famous singles. (Art? Sure, why not?)

– Joyce Carol Oats re-wrote the “Turn of the Screw”, kept themes and title but used her own words and style (another pastiche).

-Quentin Tarantino – Who’s style is all about reference. Check-out Electric Method’s Mixtape.

I can list others but my bed time is coming fast.

I can appreciate re-mixed art where appropriation is the intention. So I am going to have to revisit the artist. I am just wondering if I should use my Cineplex gift certificate or not. But for now I am going to re-visit some Oats before slumber overtakes this body.



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