The uprise is nowhere in sight.

The beginning of the summer brought such promise. I had re-located back to Alberta, had a nice job and was on my way to living debt free by my early thirties. Then, bang – lost job, catastrophe up North and the sense that most of my frivolous spending was catching up to me. I used one set-back during that period to move forward. The oil-spill that happened early this summer, I’m sure any faithful reader might remember, either through my retelling of travels made or by reading any major Canadian newspaper…(right?) The mini-road trip brought such rejuvenation that it eventually inspired a move to the mecca of Albertan black gold, Calgary.

So here we are. In the middle of a city (literally, I’m living at the edge of the city’s downtown in one of the oldest communities, filled with character both in its history and in its current day) brimming with oil and its by-product. Taking in the city that loves its fairs, the foothills next to the distant mountains and is anticipating the re-opening of a little cultural institution known as the TELUS World of Science.

The move once again brought the need for re-adjustment. This time a move away from home stuck. I’ve landed a job that has brought enough fulfillment that it has allowed for a concentration on the outskirts of a half-made life. Readers, may I not bore you with details of my encounters of old friends, family and landlords. Nor may I not take up your time of the endless films I’ve generously rented from the go-to video rental shop in Calgary, we’ll save that for future posts in other blogs. Just know that my eyes are starting to wonder towards this blog again. Thoughts are once again needing an outlet. The allies are under negotiation as we speak. Calgary, this city of birth, is slowly unraveling before me.

But for now, just now, there is nothing but beauty:


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