I’ve been “out-of-commission” (I haven’t posted anything since November?) as of late. And I feel as though I must apologizes and give a multitude of excuses. One of the main reasons I had put this blog on hold was because I had decided to move back West. Upon my arrival all I could think of was job, job, job and settling back into my Albertan reality. Alberta, oh, Alberta. So continuing the series on Ottawa life seemed slightly offensive. I had left Ottawa and was left with wonderment of what to write about. Well, I’ve gotten over it. Alberta, even Lethbridge, provides a gal, who is interested in the cities she lives in, ample material to write about. It also allows for time for reflection and hours of media watching.

The blog is back. I’ve decided to continue profiling the artists I fell in love with in Ottawa. A last token of the city, I think, I grew up in. The blog will continue exploring film, culture, politics and feminism (all of which can be intermingled into one hemisphere) and will sometimes dabble in the personal since I once again have a radio show on CKXU called the Feminist Hour (Sunday’s at 2 pm). The blog will try and stay updated once a week. I am no longer a student but a full-time working class gal with attempts of finding a part-time gig. On top of that I am taking a mass communications course and trying to figure out my own feminism and the feminism around me with the radio show. Time will be limited but I am trying to sleep less. More grandma kisses and more letters formed are on my agenda.

I apologize for the quick personal note but I felt it was necessary for anyone so interested in criacriavolvervolver. Ever wonder what that stands for? Stay tuned to find out.