The group of Seven are Dead.

I Killed the Group of Seven, Patrick John Mills Contemporary Fin Art Gallery, Nov. 11th - Dec 2nd

November 11th is not only rembrance day folks! Its the day the Patrick John Milss contemporary fine art gallery reveals who killed the group of seven with the exhibition “I Killed the Group of Seven” running from November 11th to December 2nd. If you were lucky enough to have walked downtown Ottawa throughout the months of September and October, you might have noticed a poster with the words “I Killed the Group of Seven”, along with a call for submissions. The submissions calls for 15 artists to submit works that challenge conventional notions of Canadian landscape painting.  This humble blogger is salvating at the prospects and will be at the opening tomorrow, November 11th from 6-9. Artists will be in attendance and hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to chat with them about their work and what they think about Canadian landscape painting. Stay tuned for further developments! And if you are in the Ottawa area: hope to see you there!


2 thoughts on “The group of Seven are Dead.

  1. That’s a bit like saying R. Crumb killed N. C. Wyeth. As long as artists see their work in competition with others and only valued by perceived superiority, they will always be playing catch-up with imaginary opponents. And good God, who’s to decide? The critics? How sad would that be.

    1. You’re commenting on a title/ad for an exhibit showcasing young canadian artists? And the group of seven are dead…

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