An important sort of phase.

*This post is a slightly personal account. I hope it will just inspire the possibility of anything you can bring out or take on.*

For a couple of months I had been contemplating a big move. At first my idea was abstract and all I could imagine was a move to central Canada, but had no idea where. Would it be Montreal like so many of my peers had ventured to? Would it be Toronto, the city where I fell in love? Or would it be Ottawa, our nation’s Capital that seemed to encompass the feel of a small town but had all the perks of big city life? It wasn’t until I had stumbled upon Algonquin College (late admission is king) that I decided that my best bet would be to focus a move to the nation’s capital. So, a month ago, I made up my mind and started with phase 1 of this adventure. Now that phase 1 is nearly complete (applying for college, applying for student loans, buying an airplane ticket, finding a place to live); its time that phase 2 begins. I’m very excited about this phase since it will encompass what I love best in this whole wide world: culture.  

Culture, it is what I’ve been obsessed with for the last six years, mainly with the idea of how a culture comes to be, really. No big thing. As anyone obsessed with culture, of course, comes an obsession with where you find yourself. I found myself in a culture that I couldn’t quite attach myself too. My identity was starting to resolve amongst the whoop-up hill and it was either die to a suburban land or take flight.

China Doll (Edward Kwan)



Now I find myself in a very different culture. No more will I be forced to attend Galaxy theater because I’ve outwatched the Movie Mill. Nor will I be able to enjoy the silence of the coulees while taking in Neruda. Days at the Penny will be no more and nights at the Slice have been extinguished. I’ve replaced all that with a transit that is a superior improvement than the one I left behind. To practicing my rusty knowledge of French. Days filled with understanding a world of business; while staring at the road that leads to parliament hill with a cup of Bridgehead joe. To nights filled with yoga studios turned into theatres, chinese restaurants with karaoke hosted by a man in full drag, and dancing with lesbian cougars.

 It hasn’t even been a week but I can tell you honestly that I’ve never been happier. Is it because it’s the start of an adventure. Perhaps it is because I’ve truly commenced something independently. Or is it the city? Time will tell. I’ve learned one thing throughout this phase: a human’s ability is only compromised by the walls that they contain. I’ve broken a couple of walls with this phase and I hope that many more will come down. I’m now filled with the sense that anything is possible. This may be the first time in a long, long, long time that I am filled with that word called optimism.

So begins phase 2. This phase won’t be as easy as phase 1 but it will be ten times more fun.