The Ultimate Insurance Man

Cruising the film-o-sphere on the internet I stumbled upon this baby:

Title: World’s Greatest Sinner

Directed by: Timothy Carey

Starring: Timothy Carey

Info: The film was written, directed and starred by Timothy Carey. The whole premise of the film is about Timothy Carey’s character leaving his Insurance job to start a rock’n’roll band. The rock’n’roll band is used for a political platform that turns into a religious cult. The religions cult is financed by the seduction of widows (the film is noted by the numerous make-out scenes Timothy has with older women). Timothy Carey’s character goes out of control and starts referring to himself as God…

Oh jesus, whose panties are wet?

There is nothing I love more than self-directed, self-starred and most likely self-financed movies. They usually have the most out-of-this-world plot and best quotable lines. I cannot wait to get my hands on this picture.


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