B.A. Johnston and the Crucifiction

Tonight was the Moby Dicks and B.A. Johnston last leg of their mini tour which included Medicine Hat, Canmore, Calgary and Lethbridge. I arrived late since I was having greasy Chinese food with a friend who just defended her fucking thesis, so I missed the Dicks. But arrived in time to the beginning of B.A.’s show. It was indeed the first time I’ve experience B.A. Johnston; for a one man show he’s pretty entertaining. His best song was indeed Hobo 4 Life but everything else I could either take it or leave it. The man does have charm and knows how to direct a crowd. Unfortunately the crowd got a little to rowdy which resulted in this:

Blood on the Holy Ground
Tarentino does not exaggerate on Blood Splatter

This is the result of a fight that broke out during one of B.A.’s songs, some intoxicated person punched a glass entrance door; which lead to the whole of Henotic becoming evacuated. Not good. Regardless a pretty decent Thursday night. Listen to this before going to sleep


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