A Short Film About Love: Tomek, Magda and a telescope

Kryzsztof Kieslowski was a Polish director who fell upon cinama. Born in a Communist Poland to see it fall further into economic shaky ground. He himself may had not been truly involved in his country’s political struggle but his films themselves are embedded with a reflection of  its political time. Watching this film was tinged with the scent of Poland and its after-world war state. But more than just reflecting on occurances that are neither familiar nor close to my reality, A Short Film About Love, explores loneliness and love, aspects of humanity which no one escapes and everybody welcomes (at times).


As you can tell from the trailer the film is not an elaborate ploy to entice the senses neither is it stripped to a film’s bare aesthetics. Rather the film has many long takes with sparce dialogue, has four settings and is mainly focused on two characters (it has more but we are mostly just concerned with two). To most the film may sound boring – it has no grand explosions or twisted ends – and you may wonder why even write about it? Well, it may be true that the film may have not moved at a high-pace, it did deliver interesting concepts on love and the loneliness that surrounds it.


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