Top Ten Bathroom Scenes

It is that time of year again where most of us are generating our top ten – music, films, books, etc. While all these lists are wonderful in their own respect, I’m taking on a different approach….

Welcome the Top Ten Bathroom Scenes I’ve encountered in my lifetime!

10. Full Metal Jacket – The Last Night on the Island. I believe that this scene sets-up the rest of Full Metal Jacket where it portrays the insanity, irrationality and the unneeded loose of bodies caused by the Vietnam War. It is also where the movie becomes excellent. God, Stanley Kubrick is the man.

9.Dumb and Dumber – Lloyd’s Revenge with Turbo Laxative – This is a great example of gross-out comedy. Where most of us either cringe or cannot help ourselves but laugh while puking.

8. Another Dumb and Dumber scene – The Gas Stop Scene! Not so much of a gross-out but a perfect example of great comical writing. Using occurence of events to generate laughter this scene is gold-in-bathroom scenes.

7. Kingpin – Roy Gives in. This scene, in my experience, is another gross-out scene since to imagine any physical encounter with this lady makes anybody want to hurl.

6.  Messiah of Evil – One of the things that this movie has going for it is the set design. The work that they did with designing the house is beyond words. And the bathroom encapsulates the work done here. If you enjoy extremely bad acting and a make-shift script carry on with watching the movie.

5. Detroit Rock City – Girl Bathroom Scene. A staple of my childhood and where I became exposed to Giuseppe Andrews beautiful face. This is probably my worst nightmare come to life. Also – “Blow-ass” what a great phrase.

4. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Mac and Charlie Die. Dee, Dennis and Frank find a Glory Hole in the Bar’s Bathroom. Perhaps not a scene, but a great part of the plot.

3. Royal Tenenbaums – Needle in the Hay. In my humble opinion this is Wes Anderson’s best film. The scene shows Anderson’s talent in melding dramatic notions with comedic devices. I mean, Richie Tenenbaum is committing suicide but the scene is still punctuated with laughter. Just watch:

2. The Rules of Attraction – The Last Letter. Theresa Wayman’s role in this film is not the biggest but it has the most impact. Watch the final letter scene in rules of attraction and become completely hurt by her portrayal of suicide. Seriously, this woman has talent. The youtube video has no audio but I think it amplifies the sadness in the scene.

1. American History X – Hate is baggage. To end off the countdown in a high note. Although the scene itself is gruesome and sad, Edward Furlong’s character Danny Vineyard delivers a great message and gives me at least some optimism for the future.


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