Experimenting with the Mexican(s)

As of late I have taken a dive into the Mexican cuisine all thanks to this book. I’ve always loved cooking but this cookbook has given me some serious inspirations. A lot of the ingredients are a little hard to find – like the Oaxaca cheese (alright most of the cheese). So I ended up substituting Oaxaca for Monterey Jack cheese and using plain cheddar (Miss Tomas would not approve). But what can you do when you are stuck in the dessert? I also added refried beans to the Enchiladas as well as shredded chicken found in your local supermarket’s rotissiere.

This is what an authentic Hispanic picnic looks like…loads of meat (yes, that is BBQ Steak and Italian Sausage…I don’t think the BBQ Pork is shown):

La comedia que se come.

An upclose shot of the delicious Enchiladas.


And the final experiment albondigas!

las albondigas!

So there is my proof of my cooking. And my plating skills need a little help.

The cookbook can be found at your local public library. For those living in Lethbridge, Alberta that means the Lethbridge Public Library.