Grandma Sitting

My mother is doing her practicum at the moment. For six weeks it will be my job to take care of my grandmother during the morning. My grandmother is 87 years old and has Alzheimer’s. She also doesn’t speak English, except for words like “Hot Dog” or “Thank You”, stuff like that. She is from a completely different world, a third world. Canadian life is very strange to her but it is all that she has at the moment and it is what she will die with. She is always commenting on how far away she is from everything that she has ever known.

This is her life.



Solyaris, The Rules of the Game and Miss Julie

It is reading week for the University of Lethbridge Students and during this reading week I managed to contract a deadly flu. It not only has left me with a constant need to blow my nose and cough but it has also left me with a constant state of pain in the bones and the head. Awful. But in order not to drive myself insane I’ve managed to catch up on some movie watching.

This week I’ve managed to fully watch three Foreign, I’m sure critically acclaimed, films such as: “Solyaris”, “the Rules of the Game” and “Miss Julie”. I wish I could say I finished watching “Ikiru” but it was so depressing that I had to stop it.

This tells you nothing of the movie. It just introduces the viewer to Solaristics, some weird new science involving outer space and the ocean.

Chris, the main character must go up to investigate how Solyaris is holding up. There has been a death on the ship. Once he gets there, WEIRD THINGS HAPPEN; like his dead wife appears to him and she isn’t an illusion from head trauma, she’s really there. I’m not going to spoil anything for you -so I’m actually not going to review it. Who cares what I think about the movie? Just if you like science fiction, creepy scenes, the Russian language or space in general you should watch this film.

The Rules of the Game:
Ever watch Gosford Park? You know that really boring Altman movie about the ruling class in England. Gosford park documents a hunt extravaganza that seems to be traditional to the bourgeoisie of Europe. The Rules of the Game is something like Gosford park except not boring. It is a comedy that follows the plot of Gosford park, essentially, except the characters are all absurd and wonderful. Oh, did I mention French? Also, the Rules of the Game came first before the Altman crap. So Atlman follows the plot of the Rules of the Game. I love Robert de la Chesnaye played by Marcel Dalio. Jean Renoir – the director – also stars in this film as Octave. I love it when directors casts themselves in their own films.

Miss Julie:
Yawn. I’m sorry but the story of a woman who gets seduced by her butler is really not as riveting as it used to be. I can acknowledge its importance within the development of the woman’s free image (what lo! What does that mean?). Alright, maybe we aren’t free to be the vixens we crave to be…umm. Well, it made a move towards seeing women as other than child bearing machines. Miss Julie, the character just annoyed the crap out of me. Spoiled woman who didn’t play by the rules and got it in the end. Actually, I take that last statement about how this movie aided in some way to liberate the image of a woman. It doesn’t. The protagonist suffers from her sins and we are left feeling sorry for her father. Anyways. I’m not really going to spoil more of the film just in case you still want to watch it and form your own ideas on it. No trailer available on youtube, sadly!

All of these movies can be found at the Lethbridge Public Library. Which means that if you are not from Lethbridge they could be found at your local public library. If you are in Alberta you can get a TAL card and see if you can rent audiovisuals from your local University or Post-education institution Library, they should have all of these films as well.

The Power of the Savage

There were a lot of things I agreed with what Dan Savage said on Monday night, February 09, 2009 in the University of Lethbridge in PE 250 – to be exact! But there were a lot of things that I found surprising and inspiring. First of all. All through out the session I kept on thinking “here is a free man”. And this what the free man thinks:

– vertebea mammals are not monogomous
– having demeaning sex is a good thing in a healthy relationship.
– men and female sexualities are different
– men are kinky fucks
– we live in a heterosexual world
– homosexuality is a mixture of the feminity and masculinity

Alright, so let us look at each point thouroughly. Monogomy was deemed as being unnatural which to many was shocking. Well, it was for me. But then again it made sense…how many monogomous happy couples are there that I know of (not including my parents because they are aliens), like two, perhaps three, alright maybe four – but that’s it! Savage, gave a tip as to what to expect within a relationship – expect to get cheated on – as a form of survival within a relationship. Interesting, no? While I would love to live in a perfect world filled with fidelity and trust it makes sense to me. Sex, in my point of view has been (and will most likely continue) to be a serious matter. I dunno…if we lightened up a bit wouldn’t it make things much easier? People are always going to form sexual attractions with other people when in a relationship (serious or not). And sometimes shit hits the roof, mistakes happen, but if you really love that person and see them for being human, then anything is possible. I’m not saying that promiscuity is the way and people should sleep with EVERYBODY – because that is how STIs and HIV is spread, but that we should see our partners as imperfect beings, that imperfect being that we love…OH SO MUCH!

Demeaning sex as an outlet for the control your partner has over you is healthy. I agree.

Men and Female sexualities are different – shocking because I’ve always thought my sexuality was like a man’s…somewhat perverted? Ha. Maybe I shouldn’t broadcast this over the internet…but I found it a little shocking considering that most of my friends seem to have the same views I have on sex, and they are both male and female. Some men I know are a lot more calmer, less agressive and more sensual than some of my gal pals. In a way I feel that this is a more curve ball statistic then anything, am i right?

Men are kinky fucks —- BUT WHAT ABOUT THOSE CHICKS WHO SELL THEIR DIRTY PANTIES TO WOMEN? Alright, I made that up…I’ve only heard of men buying dirty underwear. Neat-O. I think women can be kinky fucks as well.

Heterosexuality is the majority. Okay, maybe I didn’t find that so surprising, I do live in Southern Alberta where the mormons reign. But that homosexuality is a mixture of the femine and masculine is indeed something new to my ears. That lesbians have the same inner ear structure as males and that gay men have the same index finger length as women is pretty interesting. Savage, tied this to why gay men tend to have high pitched voices. This last statement was loosely tied to those two facts.

Anyways. It was a treat having Dan Savage visit the U of L. I think the money was totally worth the two hundred students that showed up. He gave Southern Albertans the views of a gay American man who bases his life on sex. It was beautiful. I wish I could’ve met him but I had to run to get things started for Film Club, which was a fiasco.

This Week the Film Club is screening “Videograms of a Revolution” on Sunday in PE 275 at 6:00 pm and “Punishment Park” on Monday in Galileo’s at 7:00 pm for all those who aren’t heading home for reading week.

This week has been nuts. The weekend should be fun.