ULFC – University of Lethbridge Film Club

Today was a day that will go down in my personal history. Today was the day that the Film Club was created; thanks to 16 lovely individuals who came out and supported us. They voted the existing executive in; which made me President! Oh golly! So much responsibility, it is crazy. I feel like opening a bottle of champagne; but will not because it is not the weekend. And I have a paper to write or to think about!

The U of L Film Club screened “Slacker” and it was perfect. Considering it made a call for people to use their eyes as a means of political action, among other things. It was indeed a random filled movie with odd characters running around politicizing and philosophizing (is that a word?) everything. Conspiracy theories are all over this film. If you love that kind of thing, watch this film!

We also came up with a list of screenings that will happen this semester! The list resulted in these six lovely films:

“The Ruling Class”


“Punishment Park”

“The Harder They Come”

“Brain Damage”

Good times are to come! I will also post the dates that each film will be screened at a later time.


Karla 11:09 pm.