Edit Downtown Lethbridge

Politics, politics, politics. It is what everyone is thinking, talking, breathing – about. It seems that the world is in shambles with all of this recession talk and the ever plaguing reminder that there is still war going on in the other corners of our world, plus we have the receding ice caps to wonder about, those poor polar bears. But in light of all this crazyiness there is light at the end of the tunnel and its called: Edit.

Edit: Stylish and Sustainable Shopping is ran by former stylist Joanne Maharaj who hails from the thriving metropolis of Toronto. The store is full of stylish and sustainable goodies for men, women and children that ranges from clothing to bath products. It offers labels such as Edun by Bono and Ali Hewson, Toronto’s Preloved, Loomstate by Rogan Gregory and many others. All of these labels offer peace of mind, something that is far and in between the minds of most Canadians. Not only does the store offer great clothing on so many levels, Joanne Maharaj is such a friendly and intelligent person that shopping in her store can only be an euphoric experience.

The only draw back which is capable of holding us young people back is that the store is not cheap. Here are four reasons to bypass the price:

1) You’re going to spend money on clothing anyways. Why not save a little and actually add pieces that make a statement both on a personal and a political level.

2) Its a store that is starting out – Joanna needs to eat.

3) Sustainable clothing is much more expensive to produce then cheap clothing. Cheap clothing usually entails cheap labour practices and the use of none-environmentally friendly practices and materials.Thus bigger corporations have not moved in this direction because it causes their profits to be much lower then when using cheap labour, material and pratices. Once sustainable clothing becomes more popular then the prices will go down; essentially there isn’t a big enough demand for sustainable clothing. So let’s introduce a demand.

4) You are supporting something that does not induce a monocultural community within Lethbridge, Alberta which means you are supporting progress and change. Which would make your time spent here in Lethbridge more supportable. Imagine if this store kept going and it brought in more people who were in line of making changes within their communities? Having Edit here makes Lethbridge, Alberta a more attractive place to live in for progressive minded people. Think of downtown Lethbridge’s furture!

Bottom line: if you haven’t shopped at Edit please do so now. It lives on 303 6th Ave South, you can call it at 403-524-1166 and visit it virtually at editshoppe.ca


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